Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Mult-nomah falls





last one was a long weekend here, so we planned to go to ST. Mounthood. On the way we have many falls, trails and vista points. One point was closed to vehicles and when we enquired it was a 7km distance up and down:(..I could never dare to go, but I saw that all others were going even the ones who had children.
We started arfound 9 in the morning by car and by lunch time we reached Troutdale and had our lunch at an Indian restaurant was buffet with good varieties,but the preparations were just OK, anyway atleast I could fill myself well:)
Among all the falls the best was MULTNOMA FALLS.....and it was quite crowded also and there were so many pattern I find very amusing and heartening both is...most of the visitors young couple with an old couple(obviously parents)..sometimes they were quite old, not able to walk even properly, but their children had brought them there, as they wanted their parents to see all the things,........funny part is all the mothers wearing oversized jackets and sports shoes with salwar kameez or sari..this is one thing, I personally dont like,but even I have to do it here, wearing shoes with my dresses:).
This fall is very high and very picturesque also, took a tea break here and then drove down to ST> MOUNTOOD..reached there by 7PM, we stayed in BEST WESTERN.. and it was very luxurious and good, it had enough space and then microwave, fridge,even a jacuzzi in the bathroom. Since we had asked for a river view room, they gave us the one with a very good view, sitting on the bed one could see Columbia river. Here I saw many people travelling and staying there with dogs..the size of a lion:) and with the same disregard for the comfort of other people, the way I find it in India...all dog owners say the same thing.....its not going to bite you:), here she went one step more and said...he is not going to eat you:)......
Next day in the complimentary Breakfast there was not much variety for vegetarians, it was just cold cereal, but for non veg..there was everything, so we supplemented it with Starbucks stuff:) and started our journey in the vintage train to the mountain.Here experience begin the moment you step aboard this century old railroad and continues roundtrip to park dell via Odell. Dating from the early 1900, the Excursion train is made of enclosed coaches and a concession car offering light food and beverage My daughter had booked it in the dome car..which is on the top and one gets the best view from there. Its a one and a half hour journey of sheer pleasure, train going thru the pear, cherry, apple orchards..of course the fruits are visible in April only, but the beauty is still there.
On the way I got a pleasant SIL and daughter had arranged a cake on the train..( it was my marriage anniversary ) the morning before going my SIL was saying and asking repeatedly..plate rakh li, plate rakh lena.....I was wondering why do we need a plate, but as is my nature, I dont ask many questions:).
at the top it was a small place with a few shops,one museum and a few restaurants. One hour passed so fast and it was time to board again to come back.While returning we saw an outlet mall and had our dinner at GREAT INDIAN CUISINE in the down town of Washington...and it was delicious.


Pixie said...

Lovely pics :)

DeeplyDip said...

aww...your trip sounds so much fun! reading these posts even i want to go on a holiday now :(...
and hey congratulations on your anniversary!

Kanupriya said...

Belated Anniv. wishes :-). BTW u on world tour or what? Awesome places u r visiting!

Sandhya said...

Happy Anniversary, Renu, many many happy returns of the day both you and your husband.

I loved the third photo...beautiful. First 2 photos were not coming.

I too love nature. Enjoy your trip, Renu.

So we get Indian food everywhere!

Renu said...

Pixie: Thanx:).

Deeplydip: yeah sure, plan it sometimes, places are really beautiful:) and thanks for the wishes:)

Kanupriya: Thanx Kanu:), it has become a sort of world tour only:) with me vuisiting4-5 countries at a time, see I am reaping the benefits of children:)

Sandhya: Thank u Sandhya so much ! see the pleasant surprise thta my son suddenly got some work in India and went there for 2 days, so my daughter was with me and son with my husband:)

How are you doing?

Still thinking said...

I need a holiday with immediate effect!!!!!

:') :')

P.S: Cool pics Renu! :)

Still thinking said...

And oh, Sorry...I forgot! :p

Happy Wedding Anniversary!!! Which one? :)

Chriz said...

even i wanna travel like this..

happy wedding anniversary!!!

Sandhya said...

We celebrated our 35th Wedding anniversary on 10th May. How manyieth (!) is yours?

Busy, as usual. Now holidays are over and less guests will be coming. On the W.Day, some close relatives of ours did one dish each and brought to our home. One grand niece did eggless cake and brought here (she did it for the first time!). We cut the cake and the whole day were chatting, anthakshari, playing cards etc. My son gave me a brand new 'lenovo' laptop. Elder one called to wish. So it was nice.

Enjoy your stay with the children as long as possible, Renu and be happy always.

Renu said...

Still thinking: Take one:)
this was 34th anniv. of mine:)

Chriz: What is stopping u? I mean from travelling:)

and thanks for the wishes !

Sandhya: Wish u many many happy returns of the day !!!

surprising we got married in the same month:) I got married in 75:)

So you had a nice celebration..good:).

I am enjoying life, earlier wherever I stayed, I worried about others, but now I take life as it comes and take pleasure in everything, ultimately I have learned to realise that the glass is half full not half empty:)

Shalom said...

Beautiful pics!!! And belated anniversary wishes!!! I can understand about the nani was also very reluctant to do so when she went there, but kya kare, sometimes comfort has to come before style :)

Indyeah said...

Beautiful pictures:))
you are having some trip for sure:))

Happy Wedding Anniversary:))

Reflections said...

Belated Anniversary wishes!!!!!!

Great pics!!!! Obvious u r having a good time:-)).

Sandhya said...

Sometimes I too feel that I am better now, emotionally, than before. But not completely. I am still in the learning process to take the plus points in life. I tell myself not to be too sensitive for small things. Still in the growing up process!

Be happy, always, Renu, like this.

Shruti SriHarsha said...

woww!!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!
and lovely update about your trip, so romantic and so beautiful!!! enjoy

Renu said...

Shalom: Thanks for the wishes !

So true:) everydy whenever I go out I see some women like me..middle aged, plump and insaree or salwar kameej and sports shoes and I flinch..Thinking I must be looking like them:)

Reflections: Thank you Nancy!

Sandhya: Yeah Sandhya it takes time, I took a few nevr to complain for anything, and a few and have realised that it gives you so much peace of mind and brings happiness to me and others around you.
and nobody gets evrything in life, not even those about whome we seem to thinksso.
Life is always what we make of let us be thankful to god and be happy.

Smitha said...

Belated Happy Anniversary, Renu! Looks like your daughter and son-in-law really made it special :)

Lovely pics!!

And lol at sport shoes with saris and salwar suits - yes that is a very common sight, isn't it?

Aevi said...

Mounthood's a b'ful place... m also very fond of St Helens and Ranier ofcourse.

I can go on n on praising Oregon n WA.. but would conclude it as NW the heaven of States. I love it here.

Renu said...

Smitha: Thanx:)..yes my daughter and SIL really made it special, as this is the first time I cut the cake on my anniv and that too a surprised one:)

About the sports shoe with our dresses:)..for me its a sore sight, though very common for indian parents here, everyday I see in the malls also.And I now..a.days its not hot even, why do they wear them?..I love to see well groomedpeople:)

Renu said...

Smitha: sorry I meant to say its not cold even:) so much for my typo error:)

AEVI: Welcome here, I think I remembr you, you are the one from Sherwood isnt it?

Now-a-days we can see Rainier from our home:), yes its all beautiful here, but now-a-days it so hot that I am missing my home:)...and nothing is more beautiful than
Switzerland...atleast to me:)

Inspirational Yak said... snaps...
congratulations on your anniversary!

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