Friday, May 8, 2009


Yesterday we saw Shaurya....a very different movie:), I know all of you must be thinking that all the time I say it is different:), but what to do:) I like only different movies:).
Storyline is this....Two inseparable friends..Akash kapoor (javed Jafferey) and Siddhant Chaudhary( Rahul Bose), AK gets a posting in Srinagar as a prosecutor in the case of Captain Javed(Deepak Dobriyal), and Sid then insists upon him to get him one also, and so he gets the posting for defence lawyer. Sid is not serious in anything and even doesnt want to be in Army, he is just supposed to plead guilty for his client and get it over with. But once there slowly slowly the case unfurls and Sid comes alive and interested due to the complete silence of accused, a very spunky journalist..Kavya shastri( minisha lamba) and then due to the righteousness of the mother of accused.
And then he puts all he has to solve the mystery.and the secret behind all this stuns everybody.
Brigadier Pratap(K K Menon) , a highly decorated army men, with multiple awards, had a very loyal servant Jameer..who once betrayed him, raped his youngdaughter , killed his whole family and absconded, and now he sees that criminal in all muslims and wants to remove them from his country.
And there is Captain Javed..a muslim for whom honour of his country and army is more important than his life.
In acting..KK has outshined everybody , but Rahul is also belongs to these two outstanding actors. They are a treat to watch.Minisha is also good in acting, but lacks in the looks department.
Director Samar khan has done a good job and handled the sensitive issue with a sensitivity, but he has left many things for the audience to decide, too many self assesments leave a lot to understand. Some people are too restrained....Amrita rao..wife of the major who was killed, Seema Vishwas..mother of the accused .
And the end is very week, the way a strong brigadier goes about telling everything without worrying about the consequences is just not palatable.He was given a choice to come out of the witness box, but he doesnt. Here if he had shown something else thru which the case was solved, would have been more realistic and apealing.
But all in all this movie is worth a watch, very interesting and giving you something to think about.
I saw...
1920...quite useless, and Rajneesh duggal..not a hero material at all.
Bachna A Haseeno......Time pass..good scenery of Zurich
AA dekhe Jara......a new story line and slick movie.


Amrita said...

Renuuu - watching movies on a vacation!

Sandhya said...

Go out of the house and enjoy the pollutionless aire over there, Renu! Movies will always be there!

I was kidding...I don't get time to watch movies at all...I envy you!

Smitha said...

That sounds very interesting! You seem to be catching a lot of movies during your vacation:)

Anonymous said...

I didn't get a chance to c SHAURYA :(
U seem to b having an amazing time :)
u r on a holiday and u still have all the time to blog? :P

Solilo said...

Isn't this one copy of 'A Few Good Men'? I have watched the Hollywood version long back.

Enjoy your vacation! waiting for more photos. :)

Chronicwriter said...

touring now.. where? and movies too



Indyeah said...

have not seen the movie yet:)) but your review sure sounds interesting:)) will check it out:))
you are increasing my movie liest :))while Smita is increasing my to buy/read books list:D:D

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

hello :) i saw that movie a few days back , its a hardhitting one exposing the good-bad-ugly of the indian army. liked it.

ps- i couldnt stand even 5 mins of 1920. how did u manage to?

Sandhya said...

Do you get the dvd's of hindi movies over there? Do many Indians live nearby?

Renu said...

Amrita: In my fsmily we watch movie all the time:)

Sandhya: Air here has different type of pollution, people moke so much, that sometimes it gets too much too tolerate.

I have brought lots of DVDs, plus here also they get some,here on the road I see many Indians.

Smitha: Beofre sleleping every alternate day we put some DVD to watch:), we are all fond of movies.

SWAT:....for me here also daily routine is same except that in Chennai I used to get bored , here we go out:)

Solio: yeah its the same, but I havent seen that one.
My second lot of photos are ready, will be in the next two posts:)

I WILL TRY 2 BE TRUTHFUL: welcome to my space, hope to see u often:)

Shaurya is good, about 1920.....:):) was quite boring, but since we were watching together, we just laughed all the time.

Renu said...

Chriz: we saw Mount Platys:) this weekend:)

Indyea: Movie and books are my favourite hobbies:)

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