Tuesday, May 5, 2009


A local Marathon in Salzburg
Next day we had a complimentary breakfast at the hotel and it was really supmtuous..with so many varieties of cereal, fruits with dips, croissant, crepes, juices etc etc and the best part was that all that variety was delicious also. So after filling the fuel, we started for salzburg by train----its a 2 and a half hour journey and the route is very scenic.

At the railway station we found Burger king and had Veggi burger..just like we have in India..very delicious, dont know why they dont make it in US

Here either we could take a Sound of music tour or see the rest of the city, we chose the second option, again took an hop on..tour, first to get a feel of the city and saw then Helbrunn palace, there they have a special trick magic fountain show, but alas we couldnt enjoy it, as there were very few english speaking people so the guide spoke only german.

Then we roamed through the old town...its a pleasure to walk on cobbled roads, without any vehicle and see all the top brands and some local stuff also.We found a good restaurant also to have tea and garlic bread. I was surprised to see an Espirit Shop where they were selling the same Tshirts I bought in India for 1800/ in 30 Euros..means the rates are same, and if we consider the currency value, they are selling much higher in India.

And then we saw an Indian restaurant:):) and booked a table for our dinner over there..HANA'S RASOI--the food was very good and ambiance also good( most of the indian restaurants abroad compromise a lot on ambiance etc).

We had our return train at 12.44 in the night, and when we reached our reserved cabin, we saw their two men sleeping and were they stinking.....it was impossible to stay there what with smell of smoke,deinks perfumes and what all combined ...was so pungent, we couldnt stand, and despite our reservation we completed the journey somehwere else
Salzburg is so Mozart oriented that everywhere you find everything with his photo or statue, and it is amazing to see someone becoming such an Icon though he died at the age of 35 only.He prepared his first composition at the age of 5 only


Smitha said...

Wow! Another set of beautiful pics!!!

It is wonderful to roam around a town and soak in the atmosphere! We always do that too :) Yes, the rates do seem much higher in India, for branded stuff - I have always ended up shocked to see that!

As for smelly people - yes that does seem to happen every once in a while.. makes it so uncomfortable, doesn't it?

And yes, Indian restaurants seem to be everywhere :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely snaps... !!!

Indian restaurants rock !!!

sukku said...

Lovely snaps...and thanks for sharing

muthu said...

You are making me more and more jealous everyday.

Chronicwriter said...

now its your time to tour the globe


Chronicwriter said...

now its your time to tour the globe


Chronicwriter said...

now its your time to tour the globe


Sandhya said...

The photos are interesting. Why no captions?

Veg. food is available? Good. Indian restaurant?? Good good.

My niece also says that the rates here for branded shirts are exorbitant.

I am familiar with Mozart, thanks to my sons. Both of them like western classical and I keep hearing them at home often.

Give us more news, Renu. And enjoy yourself.

Bedazzled said...

wow@@..i would have wanted to go on the sound of music tour as well .. huge fan of the movie !! .. keep us posed on u r adventures !

Just call me 'A' said...

nice pics. good to see you're having so much fun and enjoying your vacation.

Indyeah said...

loved these pics too:))
all of them are so beautiful! and the last ones as well:)

Indian restaurants?cool! must have felt like home :)

and mozart???
no!! I want to be there too!

I love his compositions!

Hip Grandma said...

lovely pictures.Having a whale of a time aren't you?that's good.
'and if we consider the currency value, they are selling much higher in India.'I felt that way too.

Still thinking said...

You know what? I'm totally enjoying this trip with you. Thanks Renu ;)

Btw, Salzburg and no Sigmund Freud! The day I reach that city, I'm gonna take that guy's statue to task, seriously! :p

Renu said...

Smitha: I find that museums and churches etc..i visit one and for rest of the time I like to get the feel of the city.
These smelly people are quite a nuisance here:)
Indian restaurants or Indian cuisine atleast is available everywhere.

Hitchwirter: Thanx:)...For Indians living here, indian restaurants are a boon:)

Renu said...

Suku: Thanx:)

Muthu: :):)

Chriz: I saw theeurope in 70's and now revising my memories:)

Renu said...

Sandhya: Captions were because of my Bahuraani:).

For vegetarians I think Europe is better than US:), food is tasty here:)

Even my son and DIl liked the concert very much.

Bedazzled: Even I liked that MOvie..Sound of mUsic, but we had the shortage of time, may be some other time:)

Renu said...

Just Call me A: Seeing you after a long time:), how r u now?
So far I am having whale of a time:)

Indyea: Europe has a certain charm of its own:)

I am just coming from India, so Indian food is not such a novelty, but for my children it is:).

I heard Mozart's compositions for the first time:)...isnt it surprising that just like Indian artists, he also faced lot of financial problems and sometimes didnt have a place to live in..he lived with his friend for 7 whole years.

Renu said...

Hip Grand ma: In India, branded stuff is going the US way..like firs they sell with more than 100% profit and then keep on putting the sales...not a very good idea though.

Still thinking: Guide told us something about Freud, but yes he is not so visible:).

Gauri said...

Awesome pictures Renu !! Have logged on after a while so didnt have any idea that you were visiting all these wonderful places. Have fun !!

Anonymous said...

U seem to b having a gala time :)
Indian food rocks :)

Renu said...

Gauri: seems to be busy? Hopefully i am going to see many palces and I want my travelogue documented:)

SWAT: :), we come to know the value of Indian food only when we are abroad:)

! ky said...

hey renu nice picx....
will keep a track on ur blog.....


Shruti SriHarsha said...

wowwww...good pics..enjoy-enjoy-enjoy!!!!

Renu said...

!ky: Welcome to my blog KY ! and thanks for liking the pics:)

Shruti: :):) where r u? and what are you doing?

Shalom said...

Renu, could you plz tell me what is that place in the third snap? Looks like Christmas decorations....my mom & I go mad to see such stuff. Even if we don't buy, its such a pleasure just to look!!!

Renu said...

Shalom..there were maany shops in the old town of Sa;lzburg with all christmas decorations, there was one big shop wiyth so many varieties of easter eggs only:) and all of them were very beautiful, as u can see in the picture.

Shilpa said...

lovely pics
good to know about ur good times :)

the blogger formerly known as sansmerci said...

i am so jealous of u renu :) pretty pics and lovely write up .. n continue havin fun :)

btw, BK in US also sells vegie burgers only McDs doenst have em

Renu said...

Shilpa: Thanx:)

Sanmerci: :):)...I am really having a good time:)

In US BK dont make that cutlet the way I ate in Vienna..it was just too delicious.

and swarna how r u? what are you doing ?

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