Thursday, May 14, 2009


CAKE FRIENDS.....six type of cakes served with
5 dips and fresh fruits



VEG FAJITA......with6 dips and wraps
A make it yourself type

Mother's day....I am so late in this, actually I was thinking of writing about my mother for a long time and then I thought wil do so on mother's day, again I was delayed. Though I dont believe in pampering mother's for one day and then forgetting, I prefer to be on good behaviour whole year, rather than going overboard one day only and then just be urself....I believe in looking after in day to day life sincerely which my brother does so beautifully.

Now about my mom:), I wouldnt praise her sky high, just state the facts. She has always loved me so much, that sometimes my younger sister doubted her for partiality. But later on I realised that parents love all their children equally, its only that the well behaved ones get more praise and thats sometime misconstrued. From my mother i learned the value and meaning of being well groomed, being well dressed all the time, doing all the things traditionally in full swing, so much so that, my children still like to be at her place on festivals.....because she makes her home full of energy, she is very social and very well respected for her intelligence and PR skills:), yes she is that way, she is the life of any party she joins...........As a daughter ,I dont think I have done anything for her traditionally, as I was brought up with a mindset that duaghters always make their home with inlaws, so neither I demanded any rights, nor I did much of any duties, except making her proud by being a good wife and mother, and whenevr she needed my presence, I did whatever I could to make that happen, but she always told me that my first responsibility lies in keeping my home happy,and I feel very thankful to her for making these demarcations which made my life so easy without any dilemmas and conflicts.And I have incorporated the same thing in my daughter's mind. I have always felt that mothers earlier were more selfless than today's, becuase they did everything for their daughters and nevr demanded or accepted anything from them, today if we do, then we demand also. Even today my mother's presence brings a feeling of security and safety to me, I know that she will take care of me and everything well, mothers are truely ireplacable:

And now my day..oh it was one of the best mother's day for I was with my son and DIL and they made it really special for me, by pampering me, giving gifts,flowers, cooking special dishes and taking me out to lunch.

One thing I love in Europe is their cafe culture..they just relax there without any hurry and nobody even brings the bill till we ask for it.

For lunch we went to Papa Joes..a mexican restaurant in old town. See the languages idiosyncracies, in German.......
S is pronounced as J

J is pronounced as y

and then for the desserts we went to CAKEFRIENDS......yummy desserts and fabulous presentation .


Smitha said...

Wish you a belated Mother's day too! Mothers are truly irreplacable, as you say!

You sure sound like you've had a wonderful mother's day! The fajitas are making my mouth water - and those cakes!!! I have to have something sweet now !

Lovely pics! Looks like you are enjoying your vacation :)

Solilo said...

Happy Mother's Day to you too Renu!

I am still drooling over that Cake picture.

Anonymous said...

i so feel like having a pastry NOW :P

Mothers r truly selfless..

Belated mother's day to u too :)

A rebel all the way... said...

The cakes look too appealing. :))
Happy Mothers Day!

Anonymous said...

And here I thought I was Mamma's favourite!!. he- he-he

anyways - enjoy!

Indyeah said...

Belated ahppy Mother's Day!:))each day is Mother's day na?:))
*drooling over all the pics*:D specially the cakes and dip one:D:D

your mom sounds like a really beautiful person:))god bless you and yours Renu:)

DeeplyDip said...

a belated happy mother's day to you :)
I see you are having a lovely time in zurich with your son and DIL...the food looks yummy and needless to say Switzerland is beautiful! Enjoy your holdiay :)

Renu said...

Smitha: yeha that restaurant and then Cake friends , both were fabulous:)

Solio: Cake is worth drooling:)

SWAT: For th fist time I liked the cakes here:)

Rebel: which is ur favourite cake?

Anonymous: For mother all her children are favourite:)

Indyea: Thanx:) ...This timew I am really enjoying the food outside, otherwise I nevr liked bakery stuff abroad.

Deeplydip: Hey..where have u been? missing for a long time:)

Amrita said...

Wowww!! felt so lovely reading about your grand day.. and it was really nice to read your thoughts about your mommy....

hmmm moms are so precious... mmmmuah to them

Chronicwriter said...

i lurve mexican food. but beware of swine flu


and thanks for visiting my page even in your travel time


Still thinking said...

Happy Mother's Day dear, won't say belated coz every day is a Mother's day ;)

I'm having my coffee right now and those cakes look soooooooo tempting! What do I do? :(

Sandhya said...

Happy mother's day, Renu! This photo blog looks like a foodie special! Very nice and mouthwatering, esp. the cakes.

The Zurich scenery is beautiful.

'From my mother i learned the value and meaning of being well groomed, being well dressed all the time, doing all the things traditionally in full swing, so much so that, my children still like to be at her place on festivals.....because she makes her home full of energy, she is very social and very well respected for her intelligence and PR skills:)'.

You are just like your mother, Renu. Your children also will write and remember you like this.

Preeti said...

Ah that was a perfect mother day ...

I agree mothers are irplacable and so are dad's ...I cannot choose one over other .

I love cafe culture in europe ...people come there to enjoy cofee and cakes in a laid back environment , u can be on your own and enjpy the calmness ...and cool weather and hot coffee make just nice combo ...

enjoy your trip ...and Happy mother's day to all mothers of the world ....

Still thinking said...

Seattle? Already? :)

Mystic Margarita said...

Belated happy mothers' day, Renu. The cake pics were yummylicious! :)

Manasa said...

lovely pics n being in Zurich is the best gift u could get on Mother's day ;)

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