Life me kabhi kabhi

This is a movie about 5 young friends on the threshold of their career looking for happiness, but the meaning of happiness is different for everybody.

Rajiv(Dino) wants to be successful businessman as for him success is everything in life. Ishita wants money. Monika ( NauheedCyrusi) is looking forward for name, fame and money as she wants to be a top bollywood heroine. Jai (Siddharth) wants power, as he feels with power one can do and get everything. Aftab moffusil with writing skills, he makes a bet with everyone that after 5 yrs they will meet at the same place and then see who has got his dreams and that one will get the bet money, Rs 50 deposited by each of them with him.
Now everybody wants to get to his aim, in the process forgetting all the ethics, and loosing whatever important they have in life. Rajiv becomes an industrialist defying his brother and his policy of not cultivating politicians, bribing, in the long run he is ruined and separated from his loving brother & sister-in-law.
Ishita manipulates a rich playboy, making him divorce his wife and marry her. She becomes rich, but hurts his wife and children, so she doesn't have kids and play boy is a playboy.
Monika is in love with Mohit, but postpones marriage and to become a top heroine sleeps with Rohit, big hero of bollywood, and in the process looses her life-Mohit who does the suicide.
Since Jai's father was made an scapegoat by some officers and politicians in a scam,he wants power and becomes a politician, for that he gives the heart attack(literally) to an opposition leader, thus becoming a psychiatrist's patient( due to his guilt).
Aftab is the only one who marries for love and gets a wife, daughter and a career.
It proves two things: firstly,they are all good people as they are not happy after compromising their principles. Two, Happiness is not some destination, its a journey, so all in all a good movie, with an equally good message.


Smriti said…
Nice review, Ma!

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