Thursday, February 7, 2008

traffic in hyderbad

Hyderabad is a beautiful city and very comfortable to live in all respects, as it has very good weather, all amenities of life: like good schools, restaurants, malls and all the MNCS. The last mentioned have become the bane of life.Now the city is bursting on the seams.Instead of all the MNC coming to one place only, why not develop other cities,but who cares. For developing a city, government has to wok really hard providing the basic infrastructure, but here its easy, sell the land and get the money.he unplanned growth is creating many problems.
1--traffic is the biggest problem there, I have few suggestions which if considered may be very helpful in easing the congestion--
a--small roads be turned into one way.
b--In no condition be the left lane allowed to be blocked.
c--Violators must be penalised compulsorily without any fail, because I have seen many times that people are crossing even on red signal or going the wrong way, all in front of traffic policeman and he just ignores.
d-There should be signal for crossing the road.
e-better public transprt, like AC buses and proper frequency will make more people take the bus.
And last but not the least,people should adhere to the rules, and if not voluntarily, then they should be forced to follow.

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Smriti said...

A good mass transit infrastructure is needed in every big city, I feel. With the burgeoning population, even widening of the roads is not going to help. We need to decrease the number of vehicles on the road.

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