Craft Council Of India is running an exhibition of different things at Valluvar kottum..Chennai till 17th.I keep track of all handicraft exhibitions and make a point to see them and buy something from there.Its our duty to save our rich heritage, unless we  support them these ancient arts will vanish. And yesterdays outing was a complete delight.they had so many good things over there, so I bought  quite a few, instead of token things..bamboo mats,silk cushions, kota saree, venkatgiri suit material..directly from the weaver and some more material from jaipur.I urge you all whoa re in Chennai to atleast go there and see.
Yesterday we went to a very old Kali temple in Parry's..this Parry's was named after a company and today most of the people pronounce it as Paris:)..This temple is very old.some 500 years, it was on the beach,later on shifted here.It has certain divine feel, now-a-days Navraatri is going on and since me and my husband fast for 9 days, we want to so much to visit some durga temple, so yesterday's visit was a blessing to me.I felt so happy there and regretted that I coudnt take any prasad from there(as we partake only selected food now-a-days.)..I dont keep a nirjal fast or something similar, I would rather that i am able to maintain this tradition of mine, so we take milk and fruits and food only one time a day.I have seen many people who will keep an strict fast and then wouldnot like to anything in the house, but, I from the beginning maintained the normal routine of my home, nobody would feel any inconvenience due to my fast:) and I cook and work evrything as usual:)

Last week I saw Karthik calling Karthik...it has a very unique story line with the schizophrenic Hero, but they goofed up with the selection of Farhan Akhtar, he just messed up the movie..if it was made with some good actor..would have been lovable, Deepika Padukon is the only delight in an otherwise a slow movie. In scenes where simple Farhan changes into an smart one, he looks more like a villain than a hero, and change is not much visible even physically, I remembered..CHOTI SI BAAT where a simple Amol Palekar changes into an smart one with so much of endearing and cute style. 
Yesterday when I switched on the TV..Fir Wahi Dil Laya Hoon.was being aired on SAB TV and I just loved it..old movies have such a simple story line with lots of foot tapping musice and melodies, beautiful heroine romancing a handsome dude, and they live happily ever after..my idea of true entertainment, may not be path breaking, but fun to watch on sunday evening, now I will have to get the songs of this movie, otherwise I have the music from most of those old romantic movies:)..so relaxing to listen to that:)



Dreamer said…
Yes, you are right. Old movies did have such lovely storylines, till they started making formula movies. Great to know you are catching up on some good movies.
chitra said…
Nice Post, I haven't heard about the Kali temple. Next time, shall visit that. Wish I were in Chennai to watch the exhibition. We celebrate Navrathri with a small puja at home in the evenings.
dr.antony said…
Happy Navarathri. Have wonderful times.
SG said…
Happy Navaraatri and Happy vijaya Dasami to you and your family.
Hi Renu,

Seems that you and i have same taste..I normally don't leave any exhibition..I keep track of everything that my husband keeps saying where do u get these updates from... :)

Happy Navratri and Vijaya dashmi...

Renu said…
Dreamer:..true:)and I like old music too.

Chitra: yes you must, because then you could put the details on your blog too..
Navraati is the start of festival season.

Dr Antony: Thanks!!!


Thoughts forever: Yes Priya we are similar, thats why we are friends:)..I also enjouy exhibitions a lot and try not to miss them.
Madhu said…
Renu, I love handicrafts too. There is a place in Hyderabad called Shilparaamam. You will like it. If you happen to go to Hyderabad, try going there once.
PNA said…
I love picking up stuff from exhibitions...
And Karthik calling karthik... well I liked the twist in the end :)

Happy Navarathri to you and your family Renu... :)
subu.ps said…
Here in thiruvananthapuram also exhibitions have started. The festive mood is slowly setting up.
Happy navarathri.

Interesting blog and so decided to be a follower !!!
SR said…
Happy Navaraatiri to you too.... I am pretty awed by the way you fast..I don't think I could pull it off
Bikramjit said…
i remember the choti si baat with amol palekar.. and happy navratri to you tooooo

enjoy an have funnn

manjujoglekar said…
Happy Navratri and Vijaya Dashami to you and your family, Renu!

Nice post! I usually don't fast, but really admire those who do.
Renu said…
Madhu: Shilparamam is so much a favourite of mine that may children sometimes make fun of me:)

PNA:..yeah it had a slightly different story and could work better if only:(
Thanks for the wishes!!

subu.ps: Welcome here Subu! and thanks for following !!! and wishes too!!

SR: There is nothing to be inawe of..I take lot many things, in a way its spa cleansing for me:)..Thanks for the greetings!!!

BTW I couldnt find your blog:(

Bikramjit: Thanks Bikram !.I always liked Amol Palekar.
Thanks for the greetings!!!

Manju Joglekar:There is nothing to be admired, these things are beliefs and when one has a faith in something, it becomes easier to do it.
Thanks for the wishes!!!
Tomz said…
Nice information..

Wish u happy navaratri n Vijaya Dasami also
Harish said…
hi. first time visitor here. you have made a great place. me too love am ol palekar. very natural.
Renu said…
TomZ; Thanks!!

Dharman Goyal: welcome here!
Renu said…
Harish: welcome here Harish!!.Amol palekar is my all time favourite...
I like visiting handicraft exhibitions :) Have plenty of stuff at home purchased at such fairs.. KCK was a relatively good movie, compared to the other movies that got released recently.. I loved the suspense element there :)
radha said…
I love Indian handicrafts. But I find Craft Council exhibitions a little expensive. And I am not sure if the padded amount goes towards betterment of the craftspersons.
And if you and I produce a movie, we could also be leading actors! KCK was produced by Farhan Akthar. But I did quite like him in the movie.
Renu said…
evanescentthoughts:..I also keep my shopping list ready whenever there is an handicr5aft exhibition.
Yes suspense was good and even idea was new, but the treatrment was lacking..

radha:I bought some material frrom a stall and he was saying that he is a weaver, so atleast I bought something directly from the weaver and when i wear it, I am sure many more will find it worth buying..so I think atleast zI can popularise their stuff.

I am sorry but I thought that Farhan akhtar was the only one responsible in making this a flop.
KParthasarathi said…
There is one Kalibari in Umapathy street in West Mambalam.Cannot boast of antiquity being of recent orgin but the ambience is divine.Please visit if you haven't done.
NRIGirl said…
Nice visiting you Renu! Love the pink!

~ NRIGirl
Renu said…
Kparthsarthi: Thanks for telling me...I will try some time.

NRIGirl: Thanks !!!
Sandhya said…
Nice post! Remembered the Nehas I know while reading this post-which I accidentally stumbled upon!

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