Tuesday, November 23, 2010


THE "IF" Tag.....I have been away from the blog for long and for multiple reason, about them in my next post, I start again with this very unique tag..I was tagged by Starry long back, so here I am...

If I were a month.....It has to be February,the weather is so pleasant, that I always plan some vacation at that time.

If I were a day of the week....I would pick a sunday, as I love to have morning tea with leisure, which I cant otherwise, and this is the only day one can spend without any restrictions, as you want it.

If I were a time of day.... I am a morning person totally, I am always full of energy and waiting to do so many things....

If I were a season....It has to be autumn, with the foliage changing colors..nothing is so beautiful as the changing colors of nature.

If I were a planet...I  would like to be sun who always gives and brings sunshine in other's lives..

If I were a sea animal...I would be a fish who could fill someone's stomach.

If I were a direction....I would be north.( I am a north Indian na:)

If I were a piece of furniture....It would be a futon, a multipurpose item, one can lie, relax or sit.

If I were a liquid.....it has to be water..life elixir:)

If I were a tree....would be a coconut tree which is used fully.be the fruit,stem or leaves.

If I were a tool....a paint brush, which could color a canvas.

If I were an element....Being a woman it would have to be Gold.

If I were a gemstone......Neelam, which either brings luck or destruction, nothing midway.

If I were a musical instrument....I love the rhythym of Dholak, and thas the reason I like O P Nayyar's music.

If I were a color.....
it has to be white..so pure...

If I were a emotion.....It would have to be Joy.

If I were a fruit...It would have to be a banana.complete food.

If I were a sound...
It would have to be the sound of flute.brings such serenity in mind.

If I were a car.....
it would have to be aTata safari..I like that one:)

If I were food.......it would have to be rice, because I love rice and I think it is a food widely available and feeds a lot of people, the rich and the poor.

If I were a taste.....It would have to be sweet.I have a sweet tooth and love sweets

If I were a scent....
It would have to be Jasmine.I love the smell of jasmine

If I were a pair of shoes.....It should be some kolhapuri with diamante.

If I were a bird....It would have to be an eagle,to soar across the skies .

I am going to tag SG, Bikramjit,Chitra,uptake,Enigma,AmritaMadhu and Deeps.


Aparna said...

This is a nice tag.
Enjoyed reading about your 'ifs.' Sorry for just pointing out an error though, the sun is not a planet. So if you were a planet, perhaps you would be earth, nurturing more than a billion lives. What say?

Enigma said...

Wow! Unexpected tag!

Thank you very much..

Until reading the complete post while reading every 'IF' I was just wondering that what would I write if somebody tagged me with this. And I'm REALLY very happy that somebody is you.

Again, nicely replied and yes we do share a lot; ok little in common, like the tree, tool, umm rest you will know when I post the tag!

Thank you again!!(^_^)

Sparkling said...

Wow! You wish to damn good no matter what form you are, right? ;)

Btw, if you'd to be a person, would you still be Renu?

Renu said...

Aparna: Thank you Aparna for pointing out the mistake....and thanks again for thinking that I can be a giver like earth.But yes I am a utility person:)

Enigma:..Now i will wait for your post:)..it is fun, and I am sure you will enjoy doing it.

Chandrika Shubham said...

I liked the idea of sun, autumn and white color. :)

Bikramjit said...

Thanks for tagging me , I will take it up for sure

lovely ansers :) i hope i can give good answers tooo


Manjunath said...

OMG!! not again when ever i visit your blog there is some one who always tags you :)

Manjunath said...

and btw very intelligently answered all the tagged questions loved reading it :)

Jayashree said...

Nice tag....liked reading it.

Deeps said...

Loved your answers, Renu! I love autumn too!

"If I were a planet...I would like to be sun who always gives and brings sunshine in other's lives.." - such a beautiful thought!

OP Nayyar's music, always a treat to hear..never realized he relied a lot on dholak, until you mentioned.

I love kolhapuri too :)

Thanks a ton for tagging me..will pick it up for sure :)

Anonymous said...

Great tag, Renu!

I love the reasons you gave for wanting to be a coconut and rice!

And I love jasmine, too. What a lovely fragrance!

Anonymous said...

Great tag, Renu!

I particularly loved the reasons you gave for wanting to be a coconut and rice.

And Jasmine is my favourite flower, too. What a lovely fragrance!

Renu said...

Sparkling:..looks like I have an obsession with being good:)

Iwould ever want to be a woman only , as we get to have best of the both worlds.albeit a professionally qualified free bird:)

Chandrika Shubham:Thanks:)

Bikram: Take your own time:) and i know that yours will be better than mine.

Maqnjunath:.still I have a few tags pending:)..keep doing at my own leisure....Thanks for terming my answers intelligent, thats the only thing I give high regard to in life:)

Deeps: .In many things I am very ethnic.like music,.I like old music with traditional instruments.

manjujoglekar:Thanks!...I dont even believe in rituals after death,I would like my body to be donated completely.

SG said...

Nice and wonderful answers. Thanks for tagging me. I will take it up soon.

Sandhya said...

I too am a morning person. I get up very early and finish most of the work by 9 am!

Coconut, nice! Banana also is good!

I too love flute!

Very interesting post and nice to know more about you, Renu! You are a nice person!

dr.antony said...

There is beauty about everything in life.
"If I had and if I were" are meant for dreamers.
Live life the way you are,with what you have.
If life gives you only lemons,make lemonade!

chitra said...

Renu, Thanks for tagging me dear.I shall take it up soon. I was also away from blogging for quite some time.

sm said...

wonderful answers.

Latika Mishra said...

i liked your if's. I wait eagerly for your comments ma'm. These days u don't drop in...

Amrita said...

wow... u and i really think quite alike...
hmmmm happy that u tagged me :)

sukku said...

Wow...that was really interesting!!!! Thanks for sharing...I am totally speechless with your if's...

Smriti said...

I love how prudently you've made your choices Mommy!

up↑take said...

Nice tag but up↑take is a super private person. No social networking. This person doesn't even use real name on credit card :)
My posts and comments don't reveal location, status, not even gender. I hope you will understand if I pass this tag.

Renu said...

SG: will wait for it:)

Sandhya: You are always boosting my morale by saying that I am a nice person:)

Dr. Antony: You are so right, but then unless we dream, how will we make them true?

Chitra:Take your own time:)

Sukku: Thanks u so much !

uptake: No problem..I admire people who can write without disclosing anything about them.I find it mighty difficult:)

Smriti:.Thank you darling!!!

Latika: I have been away from blogging for some time, now again I will be regular:)

sm: Thanks!!!

Amrita: we are twins lost in a mela:)

rama said...

It is indeed so good to know so much about you.Thanks for sharing.

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