Tuesday, November 23, 2010


THE "IF" Tag.....I have been away from the blog for long and for multiple reason, about them in my next post, I start again with this very unique tag..I was tagged by Starry long back, so here I am...

If I were a month.....It has to be February,the weather is so pleasant, that I always plan some vacation at that time.

If I were a day of the week....I would pick a sunday, as I love to have morning tea with leisure, which I cant otherwise, and this is the only day one can spend without any restrictions, as you want it.

If I were a time of day.... I am a morning person totally, I am always full of energy and waiting to do so many things....

If I were a season....It has to be autumn, with the foliage changing colors..nothing is so beautiful as the changing colors of nature.

If I were a planet...I  would like to be sun who always gives and brings sunshine in other's lives..

If I were a sea animal...I would be a fish who could fill someone's stomach.

If I were a direction....I would be north.( I am a north Indian na:)

If I were a piece of furniture....It would be a futon, a multipurpose item, one can lie, relax or sit.

If I were a liquid.....it has to be water..life elixir:)

If I were a tree....would be a coconut tree which is used fully.be the fruit,stem or leaves.

If I were a tool....a paint brush, which could color a canvas.

If I were an element....Being a woman it would have to be Gold.

If I were a gemstone......Neelam, which either brings luck or destruction, nothing midway.

If I were a musical instrument....I love the rhythym of Dholak, and thas the reason I like O P Nayyar's music.

If I were a color.....
it has to be white..so pure...

If I were a emotion.....It would have to be Joy.

If I were a fruit...It would have to be a banana.complete food.

If I were a sound...
It would have to be the sound of flute.brings such serenity in mind.

If I were a car.....
it would have to be aTata safari..I like that one:)

If I were food.......it would have to be rice, because I love rice and I think it is a food widely available and feeds a lot of people, the rich and the poor.

If I were a taste.....It would have to be sweet.I have a sweet tooth and love sweets

If I were a scent....
It would have to be Jasmine.I love the smell of jasmine

If I were a pair of shoes.....It should be some kolhapuri with diamante.

If I were a bird....It would have to be an eagle,to soar across the skies .

I am going to tag SG, Bikramjit,Chitra,uptake,Enigma,AmritaMadhu and Deeps.