Recently I started watching the serial..kya hua tera vaada on Sony a middle class couple with three children is living happily, and then husband gets his ex girlfriend as his boss and then what though quite predictable, but i felt enraged when I heard the husband saying..i also have a life, my dreams to fulfil..hey hellooo..what is this I?..Are not the children yours too?.How could he be so callous after 12 years of marriage and three children...It is only men who can think of their personal dreams and life more than the children,  women would never do...because they are strong, can take the responsibilities better and thats why mothers are revered more.......But on the other hand I totally dislike the girls or women who get into a relationship with a married man knowingly...they are totally without any values and they hurt the cause of woman more than the man.This serial is coming out very the MIL of betrayed wife, supports and makes her stand on her the fight is on... the second woman versus whole family,friends..interesting to watch...
Its one thing to attract a a man, but very difficult to manage family children and other responsibilities

Nobody ever gets everything in life, there are always some addition or subtractions.But the dignity lies in making our life beautiful and complete with whatever we have.Today the trend has started that people marry in haste and repent at leisure...and then marry again...I cant understand what they are looking for?.But in this situation it is the children who are most disturbed and a generation of hyper sensitive , unstable people is being created.
Most of the women of my generation envy the young people much freedom they have, they get to choose a partner,career and day to day living too...But is their life happier than us..Ok we compromised a lot, but we gave our children a stable home to come back original parents.
Even today . younger generation also compromises a lot, the difference is they do it all thinking of themselves only, but we did it for others, so in the end we have a great satisfaction atleast.


Enigma said…
I disagree with you at some points. Women too nowadays (not all of course)too think of their personal lives more than the children.

My father warned me about this ongoing trend going on in the Indian society until recently, that how married men and women in the same workplace satisfy their needs of having a life partner they once wanted without disturbing their individual marriages.

What will happen next in the serial is clearly predictable, something like whatever happened in the movie 'Biwi no. 1'.

And about the younger generation today, they are as you mentioned selfish, who think only about themselves, and thy do not want to sacrifice anything for anybody.
But somewhere even they are right. After getting older, they have enough knowledge about the world, who is good and bad and how people are. They might be wrong but then, they will learn from their own mistakes and will have no one to blame. They will themselves be responsible for their lives, good or bad.
Bikramjit said…
I dont have any indian channels , so i hardly see anything.

it is true though todays generation has other types of compromises to be made.. the older generation had other ways

Shalom said…
"dignity lies in making our life beautiful and complete with whatever we have" - beautifully said Renu!
Jyothi said…
I loved the line " I cant understand what they are looking for?" . I have also wondered about this. I also wonder if they will ever find it!
sm said…
nice review
dont watch this serial.
yes everyone has to sacrifice something to get something
Sandhya said…
I agree with you that the women are stronger than men in bringing up family. So many single women have brought up their children well. But men? Very rare.
Renu said…
Enigma: Yea, but still they are in minority..and they may not start a family, but once they have children, its very difficult for them to ignore them.
You are so bang right about serial copying Bibi No.1..I also thought of the same..though i would have preferred to see the normal life and then let the man realise his folly.

Bikram:it is always better to live beyond self:)

Shalom: Thanks Shalom, and I am so happy to see you back..missed u a lot.

Jyothi: they want to have their cake and eat it too.

sm:thats the basic rule in life.

Sandhya:..I feel that being giving,caring and sharing..these are all the best qualities of a woman, and they shouldnt forego them for sake of freedom or equality.whatevr..
zephyr said…
What you say mothers are revered more, it is touted as being reinforcing stereotypes without realising that it is a fact of nature -- the female of the species is stronger if not physically, in all other ways. And that is something to be proud of. Agree to a great extent about your observations of this generation. But there are a lot of very sensitive and sensible ones too.
Renu said…
Zephyr: I agree that it is a stereotype, but its so for a reason.
Yes there are lot of sensible people too,but aberrations are noticed more.
What they are showing in the serial is nothing new. It's a common trend these days; and this is a sort of misuse of the new- found empowerment that women enjoy these days. Economic factor plays a big role in such stories. The man doesn't want to lose his job by refusing to the advances of his girl friend/boss.
Renu said…
Narunder jit Kaur: Welcome here Narinder!..You have pinpointed the reason so well..with this trend of the women, men are getting to have their cake and eat it too...
deeps said…
i dont know whatever happened to the comment i left here...

serials are serials and giving too much importance and taking too many tips from them may not do good...

as the world changes, the life style too..

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