Monday, April 3, 2017


I have been thinking for a long time, what is right?
To reach the aim or target , by any ways or
The ways we follow are more important than the end?
Some people say-there is no harm in a little twisting here or there if our intentions are good and our ultimate aim is for the benefit of may be society or country or mankind whatever it is.But then like they say--chori to chori ha--one cant give it any other name.and it will always leave its footprints on your mind.
There are so many people who justify corruption by less paid people, but i dont agree with that, because in a world there would be many people earning more and many less, earnings dont decide the morality of a person.
Personally i think means are more important than the end, we must choose the right path and it will always take us to a good end,may not be the pinnacle of success , but the satisfaction of the journey will certainly outweigh that.Journey is more important than the manjil(end).Intentions only make us feel may times we say..but my intentions were not like that ,so what.., but they dont affect anything else, its only our deed which bring results. and any unfair mean for a righteous cause also will certainly somewhere bring unfairness.
What do you think?


SG said...

Agree with you 100%. Also, people have to change by themselves. No law can change them.

indu chhibber said...

Certainly Renu,intentions count much more than actions.I read somewhere,a doctor and a murderer both inflict cuts on humans,but one is a criminal and the other a benefactor.

Sandhya said...

We should try to be true to our conscience as much as possible. This will give us self-confidence. We should remember that we are humans. Sometimes mistake happen without our effort. Only thing is, we should not repeat it.

Was wondering why you were not writing. Hope all is well, Renu! Take care.

harman singh said...

YES ,I strongly agree to that .. cuz one wrong deed even if its helping others can actually get you in trouble or get into habit of doing wrong stuff .. and moreover ..wrong is wrong..two wrongs don;t make a right ..
..Every individual knows ..its inner conscience that tells you .. if its wrong.. so don't justify ,lie is lie ..
what goes around comes back with higher intensity.. so no bluffing

Zephyr said...

Means certainly matter which is why we bristle at all those people who amass wealth by illegal or corrupt means, or how a criminal manages to get a party ticket and then elected to the Assembly or Parliament. At the end of the day one's conscience needs to be clear even if the stomach is empty.

Renu said...

SG: Thanks!

Indu chhibber: Very apt analogy Induji !

Sandhya:Yes thats right..repeating a mistake slowly becomes a crime.
I dont know but now a days not getting any motivation to write:)

Harman Singh: yes, I too believe in this that what goes comes back..

Zephyr:I strongly feel that today we need moral lessons more thaan ever.

sm said...

question is very difficult to answer as it depends on situation and where one is living that is developed nation,religious nation, developing religious nations many factors one needs to think of before acting.
but honesty is important
one needs to be honest with everyone as much as possible.

Sujatha Sathya said...

Agree with you Renu

Violet M said...

True, thank you for sharing!

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