Thursday, July 4, 2019

Kabir Singh

There was so much debate going on about misogyny in Kabir Singh, so today I decided to see as audience was liking it unanimously. It’s a beautiful love story. Kabir Singh is a medical student who is outstanding in sports and academics but has anger management problem. If somebody needles him, he man handles. When he is asked to apologise or leave, he chooses to leave but then he sees a new student Preeti and it’s love at first sight and he doesn’t leave. Preeti , father asks him to look after her. She also falls for him and their relationship goes on even when he goes for masters.
But g’ father doesn’t accept Kabir and abuses him and marries her to a boy of his choice. Kabir destroys himself as he becomes alcoholic and drug addict, womaniser etc.. he doesn’t cheat anybody. Nor he lies.if he slaps Preeti once, she also slaps him, where is misogyny?

It’s pure love, he loves her before marriage and after marriage too and wants to give her child his name though later it comes out that it’s his only.

He sleeps with many women but never promises them any relationship.In today’s world it’s not so shocking..he has a flaw in his personality that is anger management but then who doesn’t have any? Rest all should be taken as a pinch of salt.. after all it’s a movie and should be entertaining which it is with some good songs, good acting..

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