Wednesday, November 14, 2007

left right left

This is a serial which is on air on SAB TV, its all abour army academy and its functioning in today;s world, what with corruption, politics and self interests taking over everything everywhere. But amidst all this there is always hope in the form of some cadets,a brigadier and a captain. I love the characters of Captain Abhimanyu, cadet Huda and gunny ustad. Its all very interesting, I just wish and hope that in real life also there are some people like them.
One thing I am always unable to understand how the TRP is counted, because practiacally I have rarely seen anybody praising Ekta kapoor;s serials but they always get the highest TRP.
In this serial treatment is very realistic, there are no girls wearing embroidered saris, full jwellery and make up in hospitals or Doctors in straight hairs, or palatial houses, nothing like that but still they all look good.

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