Monday, November 26, 2007


Cheeni Kum is a movie about two adults finding happiness and compatibility very late in life.Neena is a 34 yr old girl who comes to London to her friend. She is unmarried as so far she didnt find anyone to her liking, and Buddha dev is a 64 yr old man, single, over confident in his profession and rigid in his attitude. The movie is all about how they meet, and Neena;s presence changes everything in Buddha;s life,his nature-he becomes kind & understanding,starts looking after his health and all that.It was inevitable that they fall in love over few meetings and now its the turn of age difference to become a villain in their love story. Though it takes the form of her father,of course they conquer everything in the end but the treatment is very fresh.And paresh Rawal, johra sehgal and sexy, all make this journey unforgettable, they are all superb, though the director has gone overboard sometimes with some scenes of Amitabh bacchan trying show his stamina and sexy also is quite a precocious child. but all in all a very enjoyble movie with a fresh perspective--that in life meeting of minds is very important and if u can manage the financial part also, then a quality life of 5 yrs is more important than 50 yrs of waste.

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