This is a movie after my heart, so romantic, soft and idealistic. Sooraj barjatya is one director who is constantly trying to revive and upheld indian traditions and values.Actually for being good or idealistic or one has to have some discipline, patience and trust in the values, because nothing comes easily and generally what comes easily is never of much importance.This is a story of Prem from an industrialist family and Poonam from a middleclass, cultured family.Through them we go across their journey from engagement to marriage and get some valuable,profound thoughts about life and marriage like- For being a good life partner,one doesnt need to be from a big city but one has to be considerate, caring, disciplined and of course educated. One thing I like about his heroines is they are simple not fools, modern in education not in clothes,traditional in their behaviour but efficient enough to look after the kitchen or office both if required, of course its very difficult to be like them, but if one decides one can be good, may be not so good, atleast we are getting some inspiration.And the positive aspect of his heroes are,their simplicity,good character,caring,respecting their elders and having faith in the family values and discipline and well educated.
The movie is so pristine in its viewing,it mesmerises you , I just loved it


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