Its sickening the way TV chanels are covering the useless incidents and making them news.I felt like laughing when today I saw the running commentary,can you believe it, on the death of Teji Bacchan, and no details regarding the reason she is being given this special status, like her accomplishments or anything.Because there is none except that she was the motner of Amitabh bacchan and in the crowd of filmstars vising they even forgot her other son, he was not mentioned anywhere, rather Amar singh and Anil ambani were prominently showed all the time.The media is completely loosing its perspective,it wasnt enetertainment,so why show it all the time.I feel for news its better to watch DD atleast they give the news according the importance. If this continues for a long time, these channels will loose their TRPs as the public is also now fed up of watching Bachchans


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