Sunday, January 11, 2009


I saw the TV serial..first ladies on NDTV IMAGIN>.and can say one thing only...not everybody can be an anchor at TV, how i wud have loved ...Karan johar, Saif, Shahrukh or even shamita one instead of so boring, staid..Abu and Sandeep,......they may be good designers, but they are hopelessly boring as anchor..just like Shweta bacchan--a good show marred by them:(, it was sad to see such an insipid banter.
and then there is Karan doing it with an evening at Chivas...............Chk it to see the difference.
Last week i saw so many movies and since none was new, i am going to state only what I liked about them or not:) a real sunday..with a cast of so many actors...none of them is worth watching....except Irfan Khan..he must be thinking all the time..what it is that Ajay has that he is a hero and me a sidey:), Irfan has done a good job..Ajay is looking haggard, ugly and plus his character is also shown of a corrupt policeman, his assistant has done well, I am forgetting his name. Arshad is Ok Nothing is here worth writing about.

WELCOME TO SAJJANPUR; Now this is the movie after my heart. seems to me as if old days of Amol palekar have come back, not so good, but still very endearing.Its directed by Shyam benegal, and I happen to have sen all his movies:) from Ankur...his first...excellent director.Here i can write and write..everything is so appealing...

Mahadev(shreyas)..a letter writer in a small village...human, smart and of course a writer, but Ravi Kishen..he stole my heart--he is so lovable in the character of a compounder in love with a widow,even many big actors cant differentiate between a simple(seedha) and fool(buddhu), most of them will play a simple character as if he is a fool.Now i know why he is such a big hit in Bhojpuri films.
Ravi Jhankal for that act of a Hijra--superb
and Illa arun...I cudnt stop smiling as soon as she came on the screen..
Divya dutta..good, but she dint have much of a role,, Rajeshwari is not worth mentioning.
Yashpal a supporter of corrupt politician and then
Amrita a simple village wife. and many small nuances..worth watching, missed the good songs here.
And the dialogues are biggest strength of this movie..i just loved them, dont who wrote it,will chk.

, MUMBAI MERI JAAN......another movie on terrorist attack....its quite Ok, specially

The track--where a fun is made of the way TV people ask everywhere...kaisa lag raha ha...even to the village women who have lost their husbands and are in mourning.
Madhavan's belief in using public transport.
KK..getting suspicious of evry muslim
The frustration and corruption in police.....Paresh rawal is very good, only his retirement speech is too long to enjoy. a poor man who .. takes revenge of his humiliation by giving hoax calls, but what is the result of these calls is shown in a very good way.

Treatment of the story and character are quite enjoyable.
I dont know why music has taken a back seat in the movies..i love melody. well claimed, heard so much about it, but i found it very illogical...a doctor comes to India, somebody takes away his luggage and instead of calling police or taking any help ,he goes on a wild chase, taking the audience for a royal ride, it never touched my heart anywhere. I loved Rajiv on TV but here, he is just a good looking hero.


Chriz said...

hindi movies are doing great these days... aamir.. i liked.... and

did you watch slum dog mmillionaire>?

Deeps said...

I really wanted to see Jaya Bachan's interview on First Ladies but I missed it.And now after reading what you have posted I think I'll give it a miss for good.
I'm with you on all the movies except for 'Aamir'. I somehow did like the movie,Renu.I found it very heartwrenching.And the way Rajeev Khandewal potrayed his helplessness was amazing.

Sandhya said...

Renu, good to read your movie reviews after strong blogs! I have not seen any of the movies you have mentioned. Will check for 'welcome to Sajjanpur'. I too like and have seen almost all of Shyam Benegal's movies. 'Thamas' was the most affected serial of his, for me. I run away fast if I see a scene of 'Thamas' in the TV, like Kamal's 'Mahanadhi'.

I saw 'Zubeida' recently in the TV and loved it. Never thought Karishma could act, before then! Good story and acting by everyone.

Amrita said...

m e too like rajiv khandelwal a lot ;)

Pixie said...

I liked Welcome to Sajjanpur too!!!
Didn't like Sunday... haven't watched AAmir or Mumbai Meri Jaan...

Renu said...

CHRIZ: I watch movies at need a DVD and i get it mostly after 6 months:(, so no slumdogmillionaire for me..but saw lot of discussion about it on TV.

Deeps...First one was with Nita Ambani....and she looks like a million dollar person,better than any other glamourous personality even, jaya will come in the coming episodes......
I dont know why, I didnt find AAmir apealing....The conditions he is shown in, dont seem to be real....... ive me any day...A WEDNESDAY.....I dont like these silly boys who keep thinking...thinking...till its too late...I like the pratoganist with a little DUM.

Sandhya: Tamas was on a very famous novel of Bhism Sahni, and it was very real.I like Benegal'e characters and their life real...that way I like Girish karnad also very much and miss him , as he hardly does any hindi movie now. I saw was a lovely movie.
I rtry to se all the off beat movies as i like most of them like there was this...Hari bhari

Amrita: Rajjev is a favourite of almost everybody..he was too good in a serial.....LEFT RIGHT LEFT as an investigating ,handsome dude:)

PIXIE: What did u like best in Welcome to....? I liked the dialogues too much:)

Reflections said...

All I thk of is "Lucky Renu, she has the time to watch these movies":-P. Mera number kab aayaega???
So do u choose to watch these DVD's or ur husband just brings them home.
Havent seen any of these movies. Except for "welcome to Sajjanpur", I dont think I want to watch any of the others.

Renu said...

Reflections: Aayega aayega, bahut jaldi aayega, and then u will miss the childhood of ur children, the way i do now, graas is always greener on the otherside:), I am a movied addict, most of the time I watch on TV and bring DVDs, my H is more than happy to provide them because then i dont nag him to come home early which he can never do:), some movies are good time pass for me like Mumbai meri jaan,I dont like soaps on TV, even i liked PARTY coming on world Tv, its a french movie, they give it subtitled.

Sandhya said...

Renu, I'll watch 'Hari Bhari', Thanks.

Piper .. said...

havent seen any of these movies Renu. But feel like seeing some of them after your reviews :-)) Did you see 'Ghajini'? Heard it wasnt all that good- esp after the hype, it was more of a let-down.

Ajit said...

I have not watched any of the films...... :)
But now, I would wanna watch WELCOME TO SAJJANPUR.....

SMRITI said...

Wow,,,that is a lot of movies.

I wanted to watch Welcome to Sajjanpur..cudnt..and I kinda liked Sunday..mayb coz of Irrfan..he's terrific :)

First ladies..seemed cheesy even while watching its didnt really feel like it..thanks for saving us the time by lettin us know its useless :P

Just call me 'A' said...

hmmm i felt so lost reading your post. i knew nothing of these serials or movies except mumbai meri jaan which i felt was a decent watch. is 'first ladies' a recurring program or a one time show?

starry nights said...

Thanks for posting those interestng moview reviews.Have not seen any of those you mentioned but now I know what to watch.

Spontaneous Mini said...

Hey Renu,
HAd to come by to say I like your comment on Piper's blog. True.
And Interesting collection of movies you have here. Will keep your reviews in mind for the next dvd pick.
The Satyam scam is such a shock, I actually lack words, esp since I know a few employed with them.

Renu said...

Sandhya: yeh I like that, its based on muslim background and very real.

Piper: actually problem with me is I dont go outside to watch the movies, so get to see only after 6 months:) But Ghzini is biggest hit of this time:)

Ajit; yeah sure watch it and I am positive that you will enjoy it.

Smriti: I also like Irfan, rather I should say.. I loved him in all the movies like Maqbool, life in a metro, good actors always make a movie atleast passable.
and about first ladies...see we have seen umpteen interviews of jaya, anitabh a, hritik and all, and they keep telling us all the time same things again and again, its a fix info they want to divulge and we people like a fool keep on lapping up all the bollywood centric programmes.

Just CALL Me A; First ladies is a 13 episode programme telecast on NDTV good times every saturday at 10 PM(Indian time:), as i wrote in my reply to Smriti..these bollywood people keep repeating the same things everywhere..there is nothing new, plus even anchors seem tohave no tongue.

Renu said...

Starry Nights: I like very different type of movies,simple ones with good story and acting, thats why I watch all the off beat movies.

Spontaneous Mini: Thank u so much for coming here, U made my day by your words:)
About satyam, even one of my relartive is also working there, now everyday u will find some news about Satyam, and I hate the way they are desribing the detials of Rju/s stay in Jail, as if he is a freedom fighter.

Solilo said...

I watched Aamir. The film makers should understand that anything different is not good cinema. Sure his intentions were right but the film looked more like a Tele serial.

But I loved the ending. The ending where he finally lets his fear out.

Renu said...

Solilo: actually intentions cant make a good ended like Dil SE, and in both..protagonist could have done better than doing a suicide.....In today's world I like them to be intelligent.. do something which only U can do, because only then You are a hero.

Anonymous said...

Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla shud take their cues frm Karan Johar..
KJo has mastered the art of public speaking..

I haven't seen AAMIR but I think Rajiv Khandelwal is a 'star'. It takes a lot to make an unconventional debut like Aamir. No item songs, no lead actress, no big banner, no opulent locales..

first time actor, first time director, the film was shot at congested locations like Nagapada, Chor Bazaar, Bhindi bazaar...

Critics have lauded his performance..and Bollywood films r illogical :P

Renu said...

SWATS: yes, he is the best and now I have so much used to see a perfect host, that cant tolerate these boring ones:)

i also like Rajeev khandelwal,and yes hindi films are illogical, but when i am watching some serious movie,I look for some sense. Music as it is has become a casualty now most of the times, even if its there...we wish it was not:)

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