Friday, May 27, 2011


This is the latest book I read..from the writer of The monk who sold Ferrari. This book also starts the same way with a highly commercially successful lawyer denouncing worldly things and going to India for wisdom. And gets it in plenty to change him and many others..this one point make me smile so when our youngsters find everything western only good  and everything Indian outdated, people from west look to India for inspiration...what an anomaly..anyway a separate post will be done for that:)

Here I am quoting few things from the book......

you who would accomplish little must sacrifice little,
you who would achieve much must sacrifice much and
you who would attain highly must sacrifice greatly....James Allen

Money is not to be chased.Money is the byproduct that can flow into your life when your focus shifts to helping people live better lives and realise their dreams.

Success like happiness can not be persued,it must ensue.

We were put on this earth for one make it a better place.

When I get little money,I buy books,if any is left I buy food and clothes.

Blaming others is a way of excusing ourselves.

By shifting responsibility we give away the power also.

after quality time, second best gift you can give your children is the gift of a good example. Be the individual you want them to be.

Teach children that to lead in their lives they must read in the day.

Leadership in many ways is taking the higher road,tougher choice, however uncomfortable it may be.

The tougher you are on yourself,easier life will be on you.

Teach them to be hungry for knowledge and  thirsty for wisdom. Coach them to love books,music and ideas.

Parents should stop doing what is easy and start doing what is right.

Stop scolding and start moulding them into leaders with the gift of your unconditional love.

Keep your promises and commitments.

When you say anything, make certain that you mean it.

All it take is the initiative to find good books and then discipline to read them.

Many parents think that constantly giving in to the demands of the children and never saying no shows their children how much they love them, But what they forget is that children need clear boundaries. Employing a reasonable amount of discipline builds character in them.

To be an excellent parent, become an excellent person first.

One can not do right in one department when he is occupied doing wrong in another.

Focus on you strengths, not weaknesses.

Take initiative to find good books and then

These are few things I found worth mentioning, rest you can realise only after reading..It is worth a read and interesting too.


Madhu said...

Hi Ranu,

how have you been? For some reason i was never into Robin Sharma books. Anyway, if I find this book in library, will give it a try.

Amrita said...

Hmm pretty nice Renu. I for one would never ever pick up such an inspirational book, but I really appreciate how you have efficiently given the core messages. Thanks for that :)
How have you been?

up↑take said...

This is a gem: 'Success, like happiness cannot be pursued, it must ensue'.

Yale University professor Amy Chua's book, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mom generated a huge response recently. People hate her but without these Asian immigrants and their tough parenting, education in the US would have been in much worse shape.

Asian parenting has very little tolerance for ego and indiscipline. This is one area of parenting the West doesn't understand.

Renu said...

madhu:..I like reading,and read everything:)and all self help books emphasize one good person.

uptake; Lately I have seen that many people are realising the value of Indian education system and Indian values, but I feel sad that our youngsters are too busy persueing wealth and forgetting values.

Amrita: Here we are different..I read lot of inspirational literature...Now i will start preparing to come there:)

Rhapsody B. said...

Namaste ...
Isn't it interest how its the one who have all the money, access and resources can "afford" to denounce everything. Did he give all his money away too? How then did he travel to India and afford to go back and forth. In the western world one cannot life without working. Yes one can life simple but living simple still requires working.

deeps said...

thats so nice of you to share with us...

havent been reading any stuff for a long time
i liked that parents vala quote :P

Renu said...

Rhapsody B;Its not about denouncing only..but having the right values and priorities in life.

deeps:Since I have lots of time in hand, I love reading and find it best pastime:)

sm said...

after reading your review the books must good
havent read it.

rama said...

Somehow I am not into reading Robin Sharma, I didn't like like his first book.
However it was nice of you to give us some idea about the book. Just because some of us don't like certain authors doesn't mean they are not good and don't have something interesting to say. As you have said reading books that appeal you and helps you understand certain things in a positive way is always good.

KParthasarathi said...

Nice quotes,nuggets of wisdom, Renu

Renu said...

sm; Looks like he is not a popular writer:)

Rama:Now a days there are so many books on every subject, so none can read everything and like it...this one was suggested to me by someone so i read it.

Kparthsarthi:One can always find good in everything, its only the perspective that is required.

Babli said...

Wonderful post. Your each and every post is excellent and I always enjoy reading it.

Reflections said...

I have his book "who will cry when u die" which I bot by chance but ended up liking. His funda to life is simple, stuff which we all know. But its nice to be reminded every now and then:-)

Raman L said...

simple principle made my life purposeful-to share" Purpose of life is life of purpose.
another one from Who will cry when aI DIE? a BIT SENTIMENTAL A BIT SELF PITY. bUT NOT AFTER i READ THIS BOOK"As george Bernard Shaw said"The people who get on in this world are thr peoplewho get up and look for the circumstances they want and if they can't find them, make them,

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