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This is the latest book I read..from the writer of The monk who sold Ferrari. This book also starts the same way with a highly commercially successful lawyer denouncing worldly things and going to India for wisdom. And gets it in plenty to change him and many others..this one point make me smile so when our youngsters find everything western only good  and everything Indian outdated, people from west look to India for inspiration...what an anomaly..anyway a separate post will be done for that:)

Here I am quoting few things from the book......

you who would accomplish little must sacrifice little,
you who would achieve much must sacrifice much and
you who would attain highly must sacrifice greatly....James Allen

Money is not to be chased.Money is the byproduct that can flow into your life when your focus shifts to helping people live better lives and realise their dreams.

Success like happiness can not be persued,it must ensue.

We were put on this earth for one …


It has been such a long time that I am at a loss where to start..actually my comp. wasnt working, and then I got into a lazy habit:) friends whats happening?.....

In the mean time lot of things have happened.Amma has come back, though it must be a case of TINA only..I just wish that all the changes reduce corruption a bit, though chances are not high.

Now a days I meet lot of people who are very hurt by their children's attitude, and I always tell them that here also parents are at there is a saying that a mother can bring up five children all by herself, but five children cant keep a mother..but this saying is not right..the relationship is different, our children will have the same devotion towards their children, and this is the way life cycle goes. Parents are supposed to bring up the children and then forget them, and since we dont do that, we get hurt.It is said that daughters are very caring and affectionate but I think that.daughters care for their parents …