Sunday, July 8, 2012

AGNIPATH....I saw this movie and couldnt sit thru..dont understand how could people like it, may be this generation who is watching it for the first time. The same happened to me with RA ONE and DON2...I couldnt watch them...

Remakes should be some thing like Rajshrees made Nadiya ke paar in Ham aapke ha kaun..the same story but treatment was so different and even today I can watch both of them any no of times.

Ladies VS Ricky Behal..This is a con movie where hero cons 3 girls and then they set up a con for him, but is he really conned.The high light of this movie is Parineeti Chopra, she is a delight to watch and then the scenery of Goa.

Friends with Benefit...Very light and entertaining also I liked Mila Kunis more than Justin Timberlake..she is a natural.

The Lincoln Lawyer:..its about a lawyer who will defend even criminals for money, but once he realises that he has jailed an innocent and a wealthy person is trying to manipulate him to beat the system, then he changes his course..Matthew conaughey is just awesome to watch...

How to loose a guy in 10 days..I saw it just for Matthew Conaughey and he didnt dissappoint me:).

Life as we know it...Two strangers get a custody of an orphaned girl child when her parents die in an accident and make them guardian..Entertaining romantic comedy.and Katherine Heigl looks very sweet..

Tried watching Dangerous Ishq and Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya..but couldnt:(


SG said...

Nice and factual overview of these movies. Thanks.

Enigma said...

It's Justin Timberlake in Friends with Benefits. :P

I know you know it, just correct it. Don't approve the comment. :)

Anonymous said...

I like Matthew Conaughey too, and I liked 'How to lose a guy in 10 days'. :)

I thought Ladies VS Ricky Behl was very entertaining- different story than the usual boy-meets-girl!

Bikramjit said...

I like agnipath :) and Ra one and Don2 were a complete waste of money .. dont know why i went ot see them

Liked Ladies v/s rickie behal too ..

the lincoln lawyer is good too .. have not seen the other ones


Chatty Wren said...

A lot of people I know can watch any movie. And it's fascinating for me. I can't tolerate movies with slapstick comedy, poor storylines and which use too much profanity.

Amrita said...

I was thinking of watching lincoln lawyer but was 2 minds whether it wud b worth it..i will give it a try
even i jus cud NOT watch agneepath.... found it revolting.

Renu said...

SG: Actually I just stated what I liked or disliked, since i nevr review new movies, I dont write long ones, as everybody knows everything about them.

Enigma: Thanks for pointing it !Yeah I know that Bieber is a singer,and I like it if someone does tell me my mistake, why hide it:).

Bikram: I didnt like even the original Agnipath, but thought that this may be better.

Chatywren: Even i could watch any movie and read any book or magazine, not any more:)

Amrita:You know after a really long time i saw some one so handsome and efficient(character)..I thought that such heroes have vanished with Shashi Kapoor and Vinod Khanna:)

Renu said...

Manju:Yes, LVRB was good, a new idea..

I always like rom coms:)

Mom of A and a said...

Thank you for the reviews. I have only watched the Friends with benefits movie and I agree with you!

ashok said...

nice crisp reviews!

Renu said...

Mom Of A and Ashok: Thanks!

muthu said...

Nice list. I myself loved Lincoln lawyer myself. The ambiguity of the Matthew's sense of justice was portrayed in a lucid way.

try -no strings attached. Its more or less in the same vein as friends with benefit.

I rarely watch hindi movies... (honestly the one movie Hindi movie I enjoyed like anything is Jhonny Gaddar) --

I haven't seen don2-(Is it that bad- as to put it in the same status as Ra one) Ra one was one of the most horrible movies ever put together. Kids can do better than that.

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