Thursday, July 19, 2012

Are you rich then....

When I saw ..DIL DOSTI ETC... wondered why the movies which are called realistic are like this and Page 3 also  always show ...

Rich man as philandering husbands,

Rich mothers without any morals always embarrassing their children with their promiscuity,

Rich fathers encouraging their daughters to go up in life leaving the morality behind.

Rich boys taking physical relationships very casually,

Middle class bearing the brunt of being backward,

Morals and values being derided by rich and upheld only by not so rich

So is there a connection between being rich and immoral?

Cant we have both..values and money?

Is really all rich are like that?...I hate to believe that.

But If all above is true then upper class society is totally decadent ....I am happy being a middle class genuinely..not one of those who get rich without values and then shout at the top..I have my middle class values intact:)

I have a firm belief that...

Beauty and brains can be together,

Money and character are not antonyms, but the qualities can go together,

Not all poor are ethical, nice and kind, nor all rich are cruel and dishonest.

The way rich people are shown in the movies...nobody could admire them, but i admire, TatasBirlasMurthys.....I refuse to believe that with money, vices come naturally.

What do you think?

Sunday, July 15, 2012


In last few year we had manyincidents where politicians had realtion ship with other women and they were murdered like Bhanwari devi, Madhumita and many more. Most of the time its always the politicians who are blamed for everything, but in todays world a consensual relation puts the onus on both of them and in some case even on the husband of the involved women , as he supports this menage troi for the greed of money..Amarmani and his wife were even  convicted for the murder of MadhumitaLet me tell you a little about the case if you dont know that Amarmani was a minister in Mulayamsingh;s cabinet and Madhumita was a poetess and his mistress.Murder is a very gruesome crime and the person perpetrating it should be given harsh punishment, but I think that Madhumita also gets some blame for her character and greed. What happens that whever an upcoming(in life or society) young girl gets close to an influential and rich person, she brushes aside everything; morals, character and the concern about others. She compromises on everything to reach the uppercrust of society and when she gets there, then her amnesia goes and she wants all other things also.And we have this habit of supporting havenots even in their greed...otherwise morals shouldnt differ between rich and poor..When Madhumati had relations with Amarmani, it was not that she was kept in dark about his matrimonial status, but still she started the relationship with scant regard for society, or about his family, without thinking that in this process of self gratification she is hurting some innocent people-his wife and children.But when
She conceived , on basis of that she started demanding the status of wife.
I feel that in the above situation both are equally responsible for the situation, and none should be maligned, but our society being what it is always condemns the rich, so what Amarmani does -he plans her murder with the help of his wife.And in the process whole family is ruined,including two young kids. If we change our mindsets, and in any compromising situation between two consenting adults, we dont start any blaming or defaming game, there wont be the need for any one to think of going to the extreme of murdering.I am not condoning the murder, but as an aware citizen its our responsiblity to see where the problem lies.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Annual trip

Today i am flying to  Zurich. This the first time I am taking Emirates, , lets see how it is.So far I have taken AI,Lufthansa,BA an AA and I found Lufthansa best. From Chennai all flights take almost the same time.And this( Emirates) is quite good in that respect while going from here..Its Dubai from here and then Zurich. and baggage allowance is also good.
As such I am only a housewife in common parlance, but the amount of settlements and arrangements I have to do before leaving....there is no limit..check everything, from fridge to groceries, all should be enough but not too much to get spoiled, specially in Chennai'weather. I always like to do everything in advance, dont like last minute work, but this time due to lot of constraints, I am compelled to do everything today only:) friends I am going to hurry and worry:)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

AGNIPATH....I saw this movie and couldnt sit thru..dont understand how could people like it, may be this generation who is watching it for the first time. The same happened to me with RA ONE and DON2...I couldnt watch them...

Remakes should be some thing like Rajshrees made Nadiya ke paar in Ham aapke ha kaun..the same story but treatment was so different and even today I can watch both of them any no of times.

Ladies VS Ricky Behal..This is a con movie where hero cons 3 girls and then they set up a con for him, but is he really conned.The high light of this movie is Parineeti Chopra, she is a delight to watch and then the scenery of Goa.

Friends with Benefit...Very light and entertaining also I liked Mila Kunis more than Justin Timberlake..she is a natural.

The Lincoln Lawyer:..its about a lawyer who will defend even criminals for money, but once he realises that he has jailed an innocent and a wealthy person is trying to manipulate him to beat the system, then he changes his course..Matthew conaughey is just awesome to watch...

How to loose a guy in 10 days..I saw it just for Matthew Conaughey and he didnt dissappoint me:).

Life as we know it...Two strangers get a custody of an orphaned girl child when her parents die in an accident and make them guardian..Entertaining romantic comedy.and Katherine Heigl looks very sweet..

Tried watching Dangerous Ishq and Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya..but couldnt:(

Thursday, July 5, 2012 imp quote

Yudhishthira--How might a man overcome difficulties?

Bheeshma--never practice deceit.
Behave with restraint, control all worldly desires.
Do not speak when addressed in foul language,
do not injure others;
give, rather than take.
Do not sin in thought,word or deed, never harm any creature.
Always speak the truth even though your life may be at stake.
Speak words which are agreable,always spend your wealth well.
Bow to all gods,listen to the doctrines of all creeds, have faith

Sunday, July 1, 2012


When our new president was chosen last time, her support by some woman and celebrities set me thinking that for the highest post in our country, the eligibility criteria should be the gender or merit?Should we be proud of a person's qualities or gender? I fail to undertand the hype about a woman being the president.Did the tenure of Rabri Devi made Bihar any better? Did the atrocities stop against woman over there.And If we want to be progressive in the real sense then we must stop thinking in the terms of woman and man, instead always support the talent, qualifications.

Today we see that a person who has been unsuccessful as a minister is being promoted to be a president..what logic?
Everytime a minister is accused of corruption , he resigns and after six months he is inducted again at a senior and better position.good logic na?

Its the same as in reservations in education, we must give the financial and other support to underprivileged so as to make them qualify for higher education, but the higher education shoould be on merit and merit alone. Otherwise we shall have serious repercussions in the long run.


I was always of the opinion that we are better off because we dont have divorces so much.because i feel that divorce always makes a very St...