When i started blogging, I had just one thing in mind that I wanted to voice my opinion. I didnt know how to reply to comments or waht to comment on others blogs. Then I started looking at other blogs and in that quest found some precious friends too, but from the beginning I could never comment if I didnt want to say anything and couldnt read the blog if it wasnt interesting to me. I couldnt bother about number of readers or blogs..NO actually  I bothered a lot:), i also wanted those 100 comments, but I couldnt change myself for them.

Even today I find it very amusing that so many bloggers come to my place and comment only if I have gone there  commented on theirs, and suppose for some time they are writing on a subject which is not appealing to me, and I am not commenting there, they stop coming here.
From my side  I can assure you that if i find the content interesting, I go to that blog and if I have something to say I do that, I rarely bother whether that person comes to mine or not..and there are some bloggers whom I like as a person, so I go there..

Yes I stopped going to certain ones because of ideology conflict this one blog who supported LTTE  in Srilanka..I feel that people who migrate to any country do so on their own accord  and they should live and follow that country's law's and traditions and become that country's internal problem.

Then if any one derides Hindi, I cant see may not like it..may not use it, but hating too much to me to accept..specially when people are loving English..a foreign language...

I dont find any interest in reading those posts which are written with hidden advertising...I prefer to read directly about the product..

So what is your take on blogging?


SG said…
Nice post. I don’t deride Hindi. I don’t hate Hindi. But I deride and hate people who say “if you don’t know Hindi then you are not an Indian”.
Enigma said…
I totally agree with you. People take blogging(comments rather) in a "You scratch my back and I will scratch yours" kinda way. I don't like it. If a post is good, it's good.
It shouldn't matter if a person has commented on your blog or not. If you like a post has have views to share you should share it.

Glad to know that you share the same opinion. :)
Bikram said…
100% with that thought people who go to other countries should follow rules .. we would not want foreigners and dictating their terms in our own nation.. as the british did ..

I read as and when i have time to Read and I do leave my two scents depending on what the post has made me think..

I write the truth what is in my heart , I am sorry if if hurts someone or if my comment is not in sync with the post .. becasue the writer writes according to himself and I read according to me ..

Blogging has been kind and it has taught a lot of lessons.. people are TWO faced on blog's too, they say one thing and do another ..

I hope i never do that ..
I have learnt more about people after coming back to blogging , after a year.. I had different ideas on people who blog and commented on my blog before that .. but some truths have come out after coming back .. shattered a few myths and shown the true face of many a so called friends :)

so all in all BLOGGING has been GREAT.. taught me a lot of things

Usha Menon said…
Renu, it is astonishing that uor thoughts are almost alike. If in one reading I don't like a blog, I never visit it again.
Sandhya said…
When I started blogging, I didn't know that I should read others' blogs and comment and then I will start getting comments. But I was afraid to comment in others' blogs because I was always doubtful if I understood what they wrote properly! I took sometime to comment with confident.

I comment in many blogs and don't bother if they come back to my blog to comment. They are all mostly good bloggers and they might not find my post interesting! I like to read theirs and comment, period!

I don't like to comment to controversial subjects like you say, Renu. What are we going to get writing here about them. It is their view.

Interesting subject!
Chatty Wren said…
I am like you too, I can't comment on blog posts which don't resonate with me, just to mark attendance. And though I'd love more people to come and visit my blog, I think content and style are very important too, second only or equal to networking, also very important for attracting visitors. Ideological conflicts do exist online and offline, but one should agree to disagree and leave it at that. That said, hating a language is such a waste of emotion, IMO.
sm said…
yes agree with you
Renu said…
SG:People who say that are bigots..No right minded person will think like that...

Enigma: Thanks!I dont like hippocracy..nowhere in my life:)

Bikram:You write from your heart..I know that and you are a good person...

Usha Menon: Thanks Ushaji!..may be with age people get similar feelings:)

Sandhya:I know Sandhya..My blog is one space where I write what is in my heart and if I believe in something strongly, I want to spread that idea..

Chatty wren:Some people can hate anything:)..for them hate is better emotion than love:)
Zephyr said…
We have discussed this haven't we, Renu? I am off blogs for some time now and like you read some of them and even then only if the topic is good. And today I am happier because I feel free to write when I want to and what I want to besides saving eye strain :)
I've been blogging for just over a year now, and I find it amusing, actually childish, when bloggers comment on X's blog post only if X has been commenting on their recent blog posts. In fact, it's even more amusing/childish when 'popular' bloggers do this. Some bloggers definitely ensure that they comment on X's blog post if X has been commenting on their recent blog posts. Most such comments are copy-paste jobs with small changes. I once had a seasoned blogger agree with my strong views on one of my posts when she had agreed wholeheartedly with the opposite views on another blogger's post a few days earlier! Sad!!

I comment on other blogger's posts only if I have something meaningful to say. I also comment on some new blogger's posts just to encourage them.
Anilkumar Kurup said…
You are forthright and candid here.
However we cannot deny the reciprocal aspect of blogging. Can we?
I think one must wholeheartedly regularly visit blogs that appeals to one. There is no point in commenting on a post that doesn't inspire you or you are at loss for words to comment.

No point in visiting blogs and commenting posts that dosent touch your imagination. I do sometimes skip posts of bloggers I am faithful to.
Renu said…
Zephyr: :)..I always write what I want:)..I am made that way:) find it childish as well as unethical too to write fake comments..I can never agree on both sides of any could it be possible:)

Anil Kurup:We can not deny but I dont like that..I also read many blogs but comment only when I have something to say..
Rama Ananth said…
Same here Renu. I also visit and write comments in blogs that I can relate to. I don't like to just write just fir the sake of writing some comment. One can easily make out if one has really read the blog or not by a person's comment.
Some times i feel bad to come away without commenting on some blogs which I usually visit regularly, because I have nothing specific to say or I have not understood their subject.
Many times i have been busy or my internet connection has conked or something like that happens I am not able to visit blogs.
But i am sure the regulars would understand, just as I understand , when some regulars have not been visiting my blogs.
Basically we write for ourselves only, if some people come and say a few things we do feel happy. And if for their own reasons some people stop visiting that is also fine.
sweetyshinde said…
Blogging is an outlet for your imagination and thought-flights, packaged in right vocabulary.

I would not be so blasé about comments, I definitely enjoy having them. And I do enjoy seeing my 'hits' and 'followers' stats.
rudraprayaga said…
I visit you occasionally and I hadn't noticed whether you commented or not.But now after reading this post I have noticed it and I understand what I am.Anyhow your honesty has been unfolded here.
I love Hindi,but not well-versed. Tooti-phooti Hindi Hi Maloom.
Avada Kedavra said…
In the kind of job that I am in, I hardly get a chance to write something. That was the reason to start blogging and what inspired me a lot was reading some great blogs online. Even today I love reading blogs, much more than writing one. My blog is more like an outlet to scribble something when I am in mood to write.
These days I only comment when I have something to say or when I really love a post in a blog. I follow many blogs and even in those blogs I may agree to some posts but not to all. If I do not agree, I will not comment and move on to next post on their blog.
Renu said…
Rama:I would love it if more people read me and commented it..but the people who come here only because I went to them..dont make me much happy...

Sweety shinde: You didnt get me..I am not being blase about comments..I love them honour them and long for them, but those who come only when I commented on theirs, otherwise they skip..I am talking about them..

rudraprayaga:you are agenuine person and I dont want everyone to know Hindi or like it or love it..just dont hate it please:)

Avada Kedavra: Thats the way to go and I like it...
indu chhibber said…
Very interesting and thought provoking post Renu.Lately i too have restricted my reading of blogs it becomes tedious and time consuming.But if i don't read others then my readers too i can see dwindling and then i think if one day there will be no readers then my blog will be like a diary only.I comment on most blogs i read but i only read those i find interesting.
But it is not with me alone--so many authors of blogs used to be very prolific but now i see they also post after long gaps.Ah well this is a long topic.
my space said…
Renuji Kya haal ???
well i dont blog anymore but i do like to read and revisit the blogs I like...and i leave a comment only if i feel times i like what is written but dont feel the need to comment..which is fine..thats what we do in real lfe..not necessarily reply to everything we hear
Renu said…
Indu Chhibber: whatevr the result but we need to be genuine in our

my space: why dont you blog Aarti..your sister also stopped blogging and I miss you used to quote Pantjali..I want to read about him ..can you tell me one name?
Although I don't follow this reciprocation approach on commenting, I have found most of the blogs on my bloglist through the comments bloggers have made on other blogs.
Renu said…
Ruminating Optimist: Me too..Whenevr I like something on any blog, I put them in my blog list, but comment only when I have something to say..

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