I saw this one now, though this is not a new one and its sequel has also come, but I was interested , so.
This is a story of betrayal,intrigue manipulation..everything like this.Sahib(Jimmy Shergill) is a raja of some small town in UP.His father had a mistress and later married her and left everything in her name. So he is king with no money. Bibi (Mahi Gill) is neglected by sahib, as she did the crime of falling in love with someone else, so the sahib also has a mistress. Bibi is getting hysterical and when she gets a new young handsome driver.gangster, she uses him cunningly to kill the mistress.  Now that handsome driver Babbloo(Randeep Hooda) had come with his own motive to spy on Sahib ..

First half is very interesting..Randeep hooda is the best, its really sad that such a talented actor hasnt got his due in bollywood and then Deepal Shaw as the daughter of sahib's right hand man is very refreshing and enjoyable in her role..Rest of the cast is also good as..Jimmy shergill looks handsome too and Mahi Gill, Deepraj Rana..they all is worth a watch,only thing I wish there were less killings in the end..


sm said…
havent seen the movie
review is interesting one
SG said…
Thanks for the nice review.
Sandhya said…
I am familiar with Jimmy Shergill. He came in Wednesday, right? Don't know about others.

Hmmm...I get bored with movies nowadays. Went to a Tamil movie in which my favourite Siddharth (Rang de basanthi) acted, and did well, but I didn't like!

Good to know that you still read a lot and watch movies! Keep it up!
Dilip said…
Thanks Renu for a nice and balanced review. Seems good enough for a 'dekko'!

Kind regards!
Renu said…
sm:..Its watchable:)

SG: welcome!

Sandhya: what interests you now a days?..How do you pass the time?

Dilip: yes its atleast different:)

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