Thursday, December 4, 2014

Some cafes

Best thing I love about Europe is its little quaint cafes...and sitting arrangements made out side..people sitting..enjoying coffee , croissant, tarts leisurely and watching the people go by..

One day we went to this little cafe nearby in Kilchberg, where they serve breakfast and after that they close and open again in was so calm and quiet, beautiful..from our seat we could enjoy the view of Zurich lake and city.Tarts ..I really like, though here they put lot of cream, infact too much for my taste, I prefer more of fruit..

Then One day we were roaming around old also they have little markets in open space..stalls type, called Christmas market..I dont find much interest in their merchandise because after conversion, for me everything is way too much, I can get everything in India at lesser price, so why not buy in your own country.

Then we sat in a cafe on the roadside looking over the was so windy and chilly, that this cafe had provided one blanket on every chair..

Last Saturday it was very cold 2 deg outside..we went all covered up to the Belleveue and there Opernhouse is the central place..there in that biting cold, some people dressed like gypsies were offering  the set for water bubbles..biggest one I have have seen..after that you could put money whatever you want in the bowl kept there..
in front of Opernhouse



SG said...

Thanks for the nice commentary and beautiful photos.

Ankita said...

a cup of hot coffee in chilling winters feels like heaven! nice shots :)

Jeevan said...

Seems pretty cold! I too like little cafes that stays away from crowd

Rama Ananth said...

Cafes are really beautiful all over Europe. I really love the way people there enjoy life drinking coffee, eating some highly sinful snack to go with it, and seem to have no worries in their lives. It is true things are really very expensive, and half the fun goes off when we keep converting everything. But what to do we Indians are like that only.
BTW why are the photos always so tiny, we can hardly make out anything.

Dilip said...

Aha thanks for reminding the joys of sitting in the quaint cafe's in Europe.

Kind regards.

Renu said...


Ankita: yes for me its tea:)

Jeevan: Yes these cafes have their own charm.

Rama: Thanks for reminding me..dont know whats happening.when I tried to enlarge, they are getting blurred, though same doesnt happen on laptop...going to check it now

Dilip: Europe is synonymous with Bistros:)

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