Christmas time

Now Christmas fever has started .so everywhere Christmas decorations and everything in the shape of Santa and other related items is available. It looks so festive.
But some times I feel  that this is where consumerism starts...Even my child wants and now..there is no end to gifts...we keep buying things, even if we have no place to keep them and most of the things are forgotten after 15 days.Aren't we wasting the resources?
Why we have connected everything with gifts and things?
Cant we enjoy with what we have?
Today there is no line between need and want..whatever I want I need that.Nobody wants to see the repercussions of this self centred nature.We are teaching the same thing to our children also..they want gift at the drop of the hat..
I feel totally disenchanted with this  trend...of shopping indiscriminately..


harman singh said…
renu one has to be satisfied at heart ..n that comes from peace inside heart body n soul .. everything is commercialized , EID , diwali we cannot do much jus your own peace n satisfaction matter s dont improve others ..improve yourself n change yourself...thats my mantra
SG said…
Christmas fever started so early? All commercial.
Many people buy things either to keep up with (or to be one step ahead of!) their peers, or simply to while away the time.

The manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers are very happy about this!
Ankita said…
you are right, gifting has crossed the threshold of tolerance and it has taken over the human warmth and company on festivals.
Ankita said…
i just loved this post, you have raised a very important point
Jeevan said…
Very true! Things brought on purpose is very less, people just buy things only because other have it.
Renu said…
Harman Singh: very true harman..but how many people try to understand this...I have changed myself,and I know this also that I cant change anyone else, still:)

SG: Yes even people have started decorating houses also.. but in the process they harm their future, environment and some other pewople too..I believe that things are enough for all the people, if some one is not getting something,it means someone else is using more than he should..

Ankita: Thanks..this shopping mania iriitates me no end..

Jeevan:..People dont understand that we have enough for everyone's need not for greed..
sm said…
one should give the gifts to needy once rightly said one forgots after 15 days
Sandhya said…
Until the children were at home, I used to buy things thinking that they might be useful on some occasion. I don't buy anything nowadays when I go out to malls or other shops with my relatives or friends. That age is gone!

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