Thursday, November 13, 2014

Smile please..

I have been to Zurich many times and it is such a coincidence that 35 years back my husband was working in Annecy (France) and when we were there, then also we visited Zurich.And that time we saw museums and tourist places. But in all my other trips I enjoy walking in the old town or banhoffstrasse and just roaming around....I am really surprised that nothing changes here, everything remains the same, except that may be population has increased that also not so much as compared to other places.

Here, wherever construction is going on for roads or anything, everybody cribs that they do all this to create employment, they dont need it, road was already good enough.

One thing I really like here and would like to emulate is that everybody works with a smile, meets with a smile..nobody seems to be grumpy...though one of the biggest reason is they have enough money for everything, but still its a habit spreads energy.

Here in Silcity there is a restaurant..Vapiano,there they give you a card and with that you order and take everything available and while going you can pay....totally honour system, we also need to bring that honesty in our life.

Every time I came in summer, so I was very curious to see the winter here. But this time when god gave me the chance, I feel summer is better..because for me its always very cold outside and no charm in walking around. And the day is so short here that by 5PM it becomes dark.And I have realised that every place has its charm till you havent seen it..after that everything is same...but your home never looses its charm.You always want to come back


sm said...

yes smiling spreads energy and rightly said they got money and want to add no corruption like India

Ankita said...

niceee! do post some pics :)

harman singh said...

nice to know about Zurich .. :)
enjoy your stay :)

SG said...

Glad you are enjoying your stay.

Rama Ananth said...

Oh, Renu don't say that you are already missing home, enjoy the winter there, it would be beautiful, post photos too.

Renu said...

sm: smiling can be made a habit too..

Harman: Thanks!


Rama Ananth: Rama..I hope that I enjoy winter..I have a long trip here..

Jeevan said...

i like their attitude of smile :)

Anonymous said...

People in many countries make eye contact, smile and wish each other, even when they are total strangers. This is something we Indians can emulate.

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