Living in Chennai has made me averse to cold. So in Zurich, though its not very cold, I am still finding it uncomfortable and taking time to adjust.
Whenever we have any gathering here, topic invariably comes about India and its good and bad points. Most of the people will say that ...there purchasing power has increased so much,but otherwise it hasnt changed much..same dirty places, no infrastructure, no honesty..no safety etc etc...girls have become so forward, drinking so much...

Though many points are true, but said like that irritate me so much..if everything is so bad why people come here, why cant they live without visiting India and mind it they dont come here for family only..they want shopping too...

India is still cheap for them because of all its underdevelopment only..once we have everything in order, we will not remain so economical. Yes we have many disadvantages, but the same is true anywhere..here in Zurich,one cant afford maid everyday, they charge 25 F per hour, so there is so much we have to do ourselves. Then everything comes packaged, so lot of shopping has to be done and bring it home. Then disposing anything is not so easy. days and places are assigned for everything like cardboard, paper etc and you can do there only.

So life is different everywhere, nothing is good in absolute..for me..I like living in India only with all its plus and minuses


SG said…
Good post. Glad you like living in India with all its plus and minuses. However, you visit abroad for some reason. May be that is the same reason people who live in foreign countries visit India.
Ankita said…
ya, maids are a huge problem in European countries.

btw is your husband transferred there in Zurich?
harman singh said…
True to every word .. good and bad comes in same pack. ..
its like comparing and enjoying ,, so one doesn't miss their home country :P
But Respect the place you are born and love the place where you live!
Rahul Bhatia said…
It happens as sometimes it is difficult to get adjusted in a place that is too perfect:)
Renu said…
SG:yeah ..may be, but all the time criticising India irritates me..

Ankita: NO:) my son is working in Zurich and they needed me here for some time.

HArman Singh:You have said it...your last line sums it up..

Rahul Bhatia:I love india with all its chaos:)
sm said…
nice post
developing nation got its own problems and benefits for good earning people.
Jeevan said…
I believe each place has its uniqueness, whether it’s good or bad. We learn and experience different things by visiting each other places make our lives interesting.
Amrita said…
Yes every place has its plus and minus. I think a quintessence of India came through in a dialogue is the movie the best exotic marigold hotel. One character says ' life is not a right but a privilege here ' I think that's very true. The every day struggle in India makes us appreciate the good that we have. And more so when we come to a developed nation. So let's not forget it is our Indian ness that is making us feel the privilege. And let us not forget it is the value system, the financial ethos and the education back home that gives many of us a good life abroad. Without them we would struggle as many immigrants from other nations do.
Well that was my two pint s on the topic :)
Renu said…
sm: very true..

Jeevan: yes every place enriches us in a different way.

Amrita: Wow Amrita !You have analysed it so well and given me something to defend my point of view...your two pints made me very happy:)
Rama Ananth said…
Renu it is a known fact, that people are most of the time complaining about conditions in India. It does not mean they don't like India, they only feel, which we all feel, is that we can do so much better, for we all know that our country has the means to do so, and we can really stand up to any country if only we had will to to do it.
Anyway, instead of arguing with them, and letting them spoil our mood, it would be best to subtly change the topic.
Enjoy your stay there, and be connected with all your blogger friends here.
Amrita said…
Thanks Renu!!! Honoured:)
Renu said…
Rama Ananth: I know Rama, but when I listen them, I cant be so mature:)..I pity the people who deride their own country..

Sara said…
I miss the luxury of maids and other domestic help like the car cleaner, we can have only in India.Having to do everything ourselves totally saps the energy out of every weekend :(

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