Sunday, June 7, 2015

Tenant tantrums..

Last 8 days i was in Hyderabad looking for a tenant.Normally people think that landlords are the privileged lot, but I differ here, ..In my opinions landlords put their hard money in apt, and then run around for pittance, and live in stress.

When people see the house they go like this..first the person who is going to live see it..if he likes then he will show his wife, then his parents will see and approve and then inlaws also want to check..helloooo.... you are not looking for a prospective bride or groom..

Sometimes men say.I like the house but my wife is very finicky, I will send her the pics then let you know..

Other one says..everything is fine..please finalise it tomorrow...and then tomorrow, he wants his brother to see and approve..

They want to check vastu..facing sides, then location, then construction, amenities..what looks like that they want to fulfill all their wishes with rented house only..

Then there are good days and bad days to have negotiations..

One person almost finalises everything then next days asks me..if my wife doesnt get transferred here then I will go back in two months so...why didnt he tell me this before finalising?

There was this old man who came to see for his son, then brought his son, then his daughter inlaw and he kept apprising me how highly placed are his daughter.inlaws relatives.. and he will be a good tenant then even his Son.s FIL comes and meet me and asks hundred questions..when they are satisfied they take it, and I come back to Chennai..Lo..within 20 days I get a call from his wife that his MIL doesnt want to live in that upper storey and they have to vacate it...and his husband is all non cooperative to me and doesnt want to pay the one month notice period even..good tenant?

continued in the next post....


Sandhya said...

How can they do it? It is a norm to give one month's notice. If not cut one month's rent from the advance. I went through this for nearly an year for my old house and now a family is residing with a very bargained rent. And they call us to change even the tubelight once in two months! If drainage is blocked, they call us! And they don't want to spend even for keeping the surrounding area clean. They don't water the plants properly, so half of them are dying. 5 members are there. But the lady said that she is very happy in the house because the whole area smells of jasmine and other flowers...6 varieties of jasmine are there and other flowers with fragrance. Hmmm..

Sandhya said...

Both of us clicked our comments at the same time!!! You for mine and I for yours!

dilip said...

Ha Ha the processing of giving the house on hire can be quite an exasperating exercise :( I too have go through this every year.

Best of luck anyways :)

SG said...

I stayed in Chennai for 6 months recently. I rented a flat in Velachery. I had to pay one year rent as "advance" and had to give 2 month's notice. If the guy does not pay, deduct the rent from the advance.

Also, please go there personally and check the house for damages before getting the keys back. Any slight damage, charge him some heavy amount. You have the upper hand because his money (advance) is in your pocket. Please check for unpaid electricity, water, garbage, newspaper, television, etc. bills.

Renu said...

Sandhya:Since i dont live in Hyderabad..I cant do much..For me the trip costs too much to make it very rent is not much..Here I do everything in my rented flat myself, and there the tenants dont look after the house well:(

SG: I live in velachery only:)..Things are different in Hyderabad,,they give only two months advance, that to with lot of negotiations..its always one month notice and they stop the rent as soon as they give the notice. last time that tenant was getting unpleasant..thats the worst part..I totally abhor people who are rude and unethical:(

indu chhibber said...

You said it Renu,some can be very unreasonable,they like the house,come to live and then they want strutural changes.So now we tell them this is it-take it or leave it.No big changes.

Chandrika Shubham said...

One of my tenants showed the house to his pet dog before moving in. :D

Amrita said...

Can totally relate to this. My parents let their home and they have to wade through quite a variety of prospective tenants!

Found In Folsom said...

deduct it from their advance money...ufff

sm said...

waiting for the next part
yes its troublesome to give on rent or take possession of house from tenant
laws are not very clear, not strict

Renu said...

indu chhibber: why are they so insensitive to landlord..I dont understand..

Chandrika Shubham: thats the height of ridicule Chandrika:)

Amrita:People always take nice people for granted..

Found in Folsum:..they make a hue and cry for petty amounts and i dont like unpleasantness..

sm; Its not all about laws for me, i wonder about can they behave like this?

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hello, your post made me laugh and at the same time made me feel sorry for you. The problem is that you are staying far away.

Normally, before the tenant moves in an agreement for eleven months is signed. After eleven months it is up to the owner to renew it or not. Three months advance is also taken.

It would be better to rent it out to some dependable party rather than any one who comes in you way. Even if the house is vacant for some months it would be worthwhile till you get a good tenant.

If everything fails, it would be better to sell the house and buy one near your house in Velacherry where you will be able to keep a better watch.

Best wishes

Zephyr said...

There are two sides to every story! I wish you had a house in Mumbai! we are the ideal tenants and the landlords take us for a ride. We spend even on big repairs and don't claim it, because we are living in the house! At least that is what my husband says. And Renu, we have been asked to vacate a house after just three months, with a one month notice, after we had paid a month's brokerage. We did, because it is after all their house and not ours! So there! This is the other side of the tenant story :)

Jeevan said...

I think priorities should be given to those suppose to live at that home and not their relatives... but things differ from people to people. I see although people are educated well and highly placed denies the very common sense many times. Being in a rented house, and having let rented homes we experience both the sides much lately. Sometimes when there’s mutual understand between the tenant and landlord rules can be relaxed for good.

Rhapsody said...

very interesting perspective.
Most times we hear horror stories from the tenants view, some very justified as their a many malicious landlord who do not care to keep up their properties and simply interested in the money.

Renu said...

Joseph Pullikotil:In today's times I dont see any advantage in keeping the house, but my hubby wants to keep it:)....Secondly i am agullible ,emotional fool, whenevr someone reequests me for some thing and is persuasive i give in :)

Zephyr: I know Zephyr..I have lived ib rented houses all my life, even presently I do all the repairs and everything, thats what makes me frustrated..there should be fixd rules for tenants and landlord..otherwise good people are exploited.

Jeevan: Understanding is possible only if both the sides are reasonable, but if one person is only interested in taking advantage then nothing can be done.

Rhapsody:All sort of people make this world.

Ashwini C N said...

Tell me about it! My parents rent a house and one particular set of tenants were giving so much trouble! The refused to vacate even after being told 6 months before and kept giving silly reasons. I've never seen my mom so worked up. But yea I think this cannot be generalized, I've heard stories of very bad and equally good tenants/house owners. But the soft corner is always for tenants from what I gather.