Saturday, December 12, 2015


I have been absent for a long time and lot of big things happened..good and bad both..bad..flood in husband was supposed to take a flight on first December, he was boarded and sat there for five hours, and then they were disembarked and..nobody knew whats happening..and later it was impossible to reach home was a nightmare as ph lines got dead, no electricity in the home, I was in Udaipur and couldnt even contact him, and then came to know about the destruction...people lost lives, houses takes a lifetime to make a home and it was destroyed in a jiffy..All because of some people,s greed and incompetence of officials..people living near the sea and getting flooded..
All the time govt. gives relief money, I wish that they spend the same money in prevention,, so that there is no misery for common man,no loss of home and nothing can bring all that back..

And the good thing was that my nephew got married to his childhood sweetheart, in the bargain we were able to seedaipur which is a lovely place to see. Its much cheaper than Chennai.It has good food,and lot of things to shop. We saw lake palace..jagdish Temple and shilp gram. Ship gram is good to see only when there is any exhibition going on, otherwise its just an abandoned place



Sandhya said...

Thank god, you were not affected. Did your husband join you later? Yes, it was a difficult period. Politicians and real estate people do not have conscience anymore. But our Youth helped a lot during the floods. It was heartening to see them getting involved whole heartedly and helping people.

Renu said...

No my husband couldnt reach for marriage and missed it.It was very difficult period, I just hope that everybody learns a lesson and its not repeated.

Pins N Ashes said...

The floods phew! I hope urban planners and developers understand the risk, acknowledge it and take steps not to repeat it again.. !

Bikram said...

Oh no ..

I agree with you that the govt shud spend money so such things dont happen, HEre in uk I feel our Govt. is spending billions on what is going on in other countries , rather than spedning all that money to make such preventions we just had floods in UK where so many houses are destroeyed and its christmas season ..

THe uk govt needs to spend money on britishers FIRST .. after all it is our hard earned money that is being used .. this might sound selfish but .. my views


Lovely pics mam


Anonymous said...

Hope your husband is safe. What happened in Chennai was very bad.. pretty scary to lose everything you have built up in your life. I want to visit Udaipur someday. Nice pics!

sm said...

Yes i agree with you they need to spend on prevention
sorry to know about the incident sure now all is well
May happy times and warm memories brighten your New Year,
Have a great year, Happy New Year!

deeps said...

Happy New Year to you

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