Monday, October 19, 2015


Most of the people see what they want to where is the education and awareness?.

 There is this gentleman who never finds any fault in his own siblings or family,sometimes even justifies their wrongs,... whereas its known to everyone that his brother is a manipulative person and is very self centred, and looks after his own interest only, sometimes at the cost of others even.

Then there is this woman, who is always exploiting her inlaws,....but is unable to see that they care for her, and on the same time her husband thinks of her as a clean hearted person.

Then there is this person who takes lot of pride in being right in everything but where his wife is concerned , he has no idea about her.for him she is very simple, has no requirements, never spends anything, whereas she is just opposite of all this,

I see this all around me..we get all righteous and good only where others are involved, but when it comes to our own family, we  become blind to their faults.And then how can we expect a better society.I am yet to see anyone accepting that his/her mother is cunning or not good..everybody,s mother is an epitome of goodness only, so from where all this evil is coming?Women are the centre of everything, and wherever they are good, you will find lot of goodness around in their surroundings, family etc. What is the point in taking degrees and higher education, when we are not evolving as a person.

We shall protest against bribe, but our own friends and family taking it is fine, we dont shun them, rather respect them for their better financial status.

We want to discard dowry, but when our mother demands it, in our brother,s marriage, we support her .

We want  the black money from abroad to come back, but when our friends and relatives make it and enjoy it, we honour them and aspire to be like them..

So the change has to start from us..from our will automatically change..

Start respecting the virtues, moral values...not the money..


khushi said...

Quite a thought provoking post...!

That's the problem of our country; we try to figure out who is right and who is wrong instead of discussing what is right and what is wrong IRRESPECTIVE of our relation with the person who does it.

And like a "typical Indian" mindset we tend to ignore the wrong in ourselves, our families, and anything related to us. Since it is related to us, it has to be right ... this is the thought process all have... be it educated or literate or an ill-literate.

Renu said...

Khushi: Thanks Khushi !.We are always trying to correct others, we never see inwards.

sm said...

here we study, need degree just to make money it has nothing to do with scientific research or morality or values.

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hello Renu,

Very interesting and very thought provoking post.

You have rightly pointed out the defects in us and our families. We are always right and others are wrong. They have all the fault but we and our relations are pure.

In India you can see what is happening all around us. Politicians are finding fault with the other political parties for everything that is happening in the country. On account of this blame game there is so much confusion in the minds of everyone and no one really knows who is right and who is wrong. No one wants to take remedial action and everyone adds to the confusion. In the process no development takes place in the county.

We cannot change any one in this world and the only person who can be changed is each one of us. If we change our family will change, if our family changes our neighbors will change and if our neighbors change our community will change and so on.

The problem is we justify our actions whether right or wrong without giving any thought to what we say or do.We want to be right all the time. We will not say sorry, we will not apologize even if we make mistakes.


I suppose we are all made this way and this is one of our frailties as human beings.

Excellent post.

Jeevan said...

Very true and it happens at every home! And obviously home is where our heart lies and no doubt we have to change this pattern to be seen to be same from every direction whether it is home or country.

Great thought and you well observed! Keep going

Happy Kitten said...

Let us be the look inwards and correct our failings...
But to reach this stage is not easy and even after reaching this stage not everyone has the courage to then it becomes too late..

my space said...

Hello Renuji...kya haal

yes we are blind to the faults of people who are close to us...its a fact that we cannot gain a clear perspective of things that are too close to us..

Loco mente said...

I felt like you have put my thoughts into words...
Nothing but relationships and moral values matter!

dilipnaidu said...

Yes Renu the change must start with us. Nice post.

Ashwini C N said...

Very well written. At the end of the day, we bend the rules to suit our needs. WE protest against bribes but would mind bribing an officer to get our work done. We talk about rules when it comes to people but dont mind breaking it for our convenience.

Avada Kedavra said...

I guess it is love that makes us blind to the faults of our loved ones. But agree, one must start from their own home before trying to change the country.

Btw I have changed my blog address. New blog address is

anila t said...

I like your view point. But how do we create awareness, when even the people who are educated take part in such activity. When it comes to their daughter the rules are different and when it comes to their daughter in law, then the rules are different.

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