Sunday, October 4, 2015

Is discipline a bad word?

Today i see everybody disliking the word..discipline..they want to do everything they like, whether its food, outing, clothes,sleeping, getting up.Nobody thinks that all this routine in life for eating in time, sleeping at time, and doing things in discipline was not made to please others, but for self only.But since these habits show the effect in long term, people realize only when they have any problem.
Todays parents dont want to discipline children at all, they give them  and let them eat at whatever time and whatever junk food, all in the name of it love? I dont think so, I believe in Khalil Zibran when he is judicial giving , judicial withholding.
Today its all about affordability, if parents can afford they will buy all the junk .be it in food, clothes, toys, without giving a thought to how much damage they are doing to the planet and even their own child..
In my own life i see many indisciplined people who were brought up with love but no discipline, and such people even in their life havent been able to use their full potential, and havent brought much happiness to the people surrounding them.
Whenever i see the young children falling sick frequently or having gastro problems, i feel very sad for them...for their parents...because whatever you do, at some point in life karma catches up..even if its a habit of indulgence..
I wish people realize that food and entertainment are not life, they are just a part of our life and let them remain there only


Jeevan said...

I am totally with you! I think there’s a limit for everything and love also deserves that. The kids pampered more faces the worst and expresses the same. Parents want to give everything their children want but what forgets was is it good or not.

Bikram said...

I beleive that discipline is important and we should all follow it ..


Ankita said...

i think this is a very relevant point because most children I come across these days reflect a poor upbringing and have almost no sense of decency and politeness. parents are pampering kids like crazy

Anilkumar Kurup said...

I endorse the comment over hear of Ankita.
Parents are so spoiled that they spoil their kids too. Pampering, overindulgence, the stupid wanting to be like Jones next door etc.

Happy Kitten said...

Reading your post reminded me of an article I read in RD years back about setting limits for your children and how they will be thankful to you for that later. I found something similar in this

Parents need to set limits to show that they care. Even animals do for that matter. Have observed the mother cat on many occasion and until the kitten is old enough to wander on it's own, one should see the way it is disciplined! If animals have sense then parents should have better sense? :)

Sandhya said...

If the children are not brought up with discipline, they will fail in whatever they are doing in their life in the future, marriage, career, everything. There is always a limit for pampering children when they are small. Same thing will repeat in the future with their children.

Renu said...

Jeevan: Children need to be taught right and wrong from the beginning.

Bikram: For me too..discipline is an integral part of my life.

Ankita: very true Ankita..because for teaching discipline, parents will need to bring discipline in their own life, and they cant do that..easy way out is pampering.

Anilkumar Kurup: Its repercussions are going to be real bad.

Happy kitten: For that matter I always liked RD,s article on relationships, I myself have learned a lot from them.

Sandhya: Thats the reason we see so many divorces,suicides and illness today.

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