Lately i keep listening to everybody saying that they have got the beest values or their parents imparted them the best.but the otherside is always without any kind of value...I really wonder, if everybody is so good, why is there so much of rudeness, and misery in the world, and where is the otherside.

There  was this lady who will thrust this sentence everytime there was a misunderstanding..

MY PARENTS have given me good values, and I cant live without them..
(mere mabaap ne hame bahut acche sanskaar diye hain ham to kuch aisa waisa kar hi nahin sakte)
.And I saw her behaving in the worst possible manner to her husband, and his family and she had no qualms about taking taking advantage of the family..leave aside siblings she didnt even care for his parents..

Now this is the values she had been brought up with:)

Then there was this young man who will claim very forcefully the same thing:)
Now this young man got caught in making money so much that he forgot his old friends, family even his own parents..

again the same question?

Then there was this young woman, who will keep giving odes to her parents..my parents this, my parents that, they have made me what I AM TODAY..I agree to this part but what is she BTW..has she accomplished something in her own life?...in education, or in job, or in housekeeping..even in her hobbies...zero..

So my point is that what we have learnt from our parents or not, everything is visible thru us..our behaviour, our personality, nobody needs to shout it..or rather those who shout , may be they are infact trying to convince themselves....we can shout whatever we want, but our actions and word can  only confirm our values and sanskaar...

I have seen many young people so nice, courteous, educated that when we meet them we feel so happy and think that they come from a good family..and I dont mean wealthy, NO..from a sanskaari family..because their upbringing can be seen thru them...


Jeevan said…
Very true! Attitudes are what matters and not the money or property. Anyone can get these things anytime in the long run but the way we drive around is important.
Zephyr said…
Always but always actions speak louder than words. By crediting their parents with having given them values and then behaving the way they do, they are in fact discrediting their parents. And that is bad values :)
Sandhya said…
Instead of boasting about good sanskaar, they should show others what good sanskaar is, without being rude to others, not hurting others without proper reason. But today, in this fast world, nobody has got patience to be polite to others, at least listen to others to know what they are saying. Well, if you meet their parents, they might give a different picture about these children who are boasting about their parents. They might be ignoring their own parents now.
Bikram said…
I definitely feel that the way kids behave is a reflection of their parents ..

sm said…
yes agree with you
actions and words are the mirrors of values.
From ancient times we say mine is best yours is worst whoever may be very few exceptions you may find
Ankita said…
i have so many such people, rather only few souls are honest and sanskaari and rest just wear masks ..sad
Ashwini C N said…
Problem is, people think they are always right and that they do what they say. It is only when we observe people from a distance that we realize their words and actions do not sync at all.
Loco mente said…
A poignant question... worth giving a thought!
Renu said…
Thanks to all of you !

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