Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Daily I feel like writing something and then just leave it..may be i need to get back the flow once again. Been out of town also very frequently. Recently i went to Venice and it was such a nostalgic trip, I went there in 79, when my son was 3 year old , and now my son took me there and his son is five yr old now:).
But Venice has changed or may be i have, i didnt find the romance in the air as i did its just a crowded place. and the same way merchandise is also changed, earlier venice was about gandolas in all variety of materials and accompaniements  and statues,leather goods and they have the same things which other Italian cities have.
We went to see of Romeo Juliet and i was surprised to see the huge crowd wanting to take pictures near Casa juliette and see the much fascination for doomed lovers,but does anyone tries to love like that today..its about self only.
In Italy i found people driving so carelessly and without following the rules..reminded me of my own country:)


Loco mente said...

These days, people care about selfies and showcasing... Thats the change, I guess... I am sure that you would have had a good time there... :)

SG said...

We have been to Venice 4 times so far. We love Venice. But the gondola people and other vendors are just cheat. We have to be careful.

Renu said...

Loco mente: very true, everybody was just into selfies..I enjoyed it:)

SG:I too liked it, but that laidback charm is gone, there was so much crowd over there,but after Zurich I find these places easy to shop and very reasonable in every way.

Anilkumar Kurup said...

Hmm What would be left that has not changed?

Sandhya said...

I am yet to see this place. Nowadays people love to roam and so all places are crowded.

Good to see you back, Renu!

indu chhibber said...

Renu we observe all the changes that have occurred around us and we oldies also pine for them.But the stream of life just goes on.

Sujatha Sathya said...

Hey that is an envy provoking post :) ,Venice... ummmmmm ... J

Anonymous said...

I'm yet to visit Venice. But I loved your insight into the changes.. and the coincidence, Renu. Doomed lovers, we had a film recently in Malayalam, a real life story on screen about a doomed love story, the audience has taken them and kept them beside romeo juliet, laila majnoo..


harman singh said...

renu time flies ..
changes you saw very obvious..
living here in US fro last 17 yrs.. there are so many changes.. but for good..
so .. cant say much .. enjoy with your family make best of it :)

Sujatha Sathya said...

Wow some lovely places those . J

Renu said...

Anil kumar kurup: i have seen that Zurich remains the same..except a little more crowd.

vyaddipennu: I like happy endings, even in real life, whenever I see some strife I want to help:) sucker for romance:)

Harman Singh:..Yes that way even Hyderabad and chennai is changing very fast..but i dont see the same thing in North.

Sujatha Sathya: yes I think Italy is a beautiful country to visit..

sm said...

everything is changing now a days
please if possible post few photos of Venice which you took.

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