Few Pics

San marco..the central place in Venice.In most of the European cities, there will be a central place called Piazza where there would be many restaurants, shops and some other entertainment like music etc.

This is the view we get while travelling by ferry.


SG said…
Thanks for the beautiful photos. It would help your readers if you let them know where these photos were taken.
Loco mente said…
Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures... :)
Sandhya said…
The pictures are lovely! You look great, Renu!
Very nice pics . Lovely seeing u in salwar . These days I don't get to see people wearing salwars .
Renu said…
SG: Thank you..did it now:)

Loco mente:.actually most of the pics are taken by my children and they are with them only:(

Sandhya: Thank you Sandhya!

Shilpa Chandrasekheran: Thank you Shilpa!..I find salwar kameej the most comfortable:)
Sujatha Sathya said…
I wish the pics were a little bigger :(

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