Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Now a days whenever i open the newspaper i see someone or other felicitating the Olympic winners..Isnt it that we Indians always do over the top things, we criticize for nothing, and once someone achieves something we go out of the way to praise. I am not saying that they dont deserve it, they deserve it truly  BUT.arent we going overboard with the bounties?
Instead now is the time to retrospect...
what is wrong in our system?
somebody should look  into the complaints of sports persons during the games
And then instead of giving everything to these few why not bring  a system where all the aspiring players get support.
If all the corporates sponsor even one player of any game, we can have thousands of good sports people and players dont have to suffer for basic things.


SG said...

Agreed. American gold medal winners get $10000. Nothing for silver and bronze medal winners. England does not give any monetary compensation to medal winners.

Loco mente said...

Its simple... People always celebrate success... and try to shadow the winners... Sad truth... Lets at least accept it!

indu chhibber said...

Sure enough,any topic or event,we go overboard.I am not sure even promoting games should be our first priority,look at how poor villagers or slum dwellers live.Can't anyone do something for them?

Sandhya said...

Yes, all are going overboard. They can start sports academies in rural areas where we can get many athletes and train them. Even these girls suffered a lot before winning the medals!

Sujatha Sathya said...

with you on this. there has to be a system wherein an entire lot of sports enthusiasts benefit...a sports culture. the sponsorship of players, one at a time bu different corporate en entities is a good idea

Harish said...

A very different take on Olympics, by Theodore Dalrymple

India Alone Understands The Futility of Olympics

It is not that India tried and failed. It did not try, and therein lies its peculiar wisdom and glory. Almost alone of the nations of the world, it more or less ignored the Games. I hope India will maintain its ability to discriminate between the worthwhile and the worthless.

There is nothing a totalitarian regime likes more than devoting its citizens to pointless activities, such as throwing the javelin, and then claiming, when one of them does it better than anyone else in the world, that it proves the brilliance of the dictator and the beneficent efficiency of his rule. How else could such excellence result?

sm said...

very thoughtful short and to the point post.
yes agree with you government needs to find the reasons why only two medals.

Renu said...

SG: we follow US only when it has some personal gratification for us.

Loco Mente:yes, but now media also does what suits it, rather than writing about what is right.

Indu chibber: I know but till such time when all the people get basic amenities, we cant keep others in limbo..we have to mov forward but in a proper way.

Sandhya: exactly..wwhy we glorify the past, why not look for the future.

Sujatha:With a little concerted effort from the haves of society, a lot can be changed.

Harish:Games and sports are extra activities, needed to live a fulfilled life, we cant say they are not needed.

sm: Thank you :)

Shilpa Chandrasekheran said...

Few things can't be changed . What to do , I feel bad

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