Friday, May 19, 2017

Mother,s day

Now a days is the season of mothers..yes, dont laugh, wherever you see ,be it face book or whats app or blogs, mothers are being glorified so much.

I dont believe that any relationship is better than the other or one is required more than the other,,its the time and need which define it.

Small children need parents and that tine this is the most important relationship.

But once they grow up and are settled in life, most of the time parents create only problems in their life.This time spouse is most important and then it will be time for children.

So in the whole span of our life at different points different people are important and they should be treated that way, only then life would be beautiful.

I have seen many mothers who were partial to their sons, didnt do much for daughters..but once they grow up, it becomes a fashion to mother is they really think so?

Parents love us and so do we..its a relationship of give and take only, if a child is uncaring or doesnt do anything for the parents, they never like him/her or do anything for them.Its only good ones who get everything.and for bringing up, nobody is obliging anybody..they are doing their duty,as the children do by looking after the old parents..

I know that not many think like this , but I do, as I have seen enough people who didnt look after their children, they were not good parents.


SG said...

Agree with you 100%.

sm said...

agree with you it is becoming fashion
just forward message on social media and job is done

Sandhya said...

Yes, Renu!

Jeevan said...

Supporting each other isn’t life indeed?

indu chhibber said...

Today I see negligence from both sides-mothers and children,but people subscribe to this symbolism and think the task is done.

Sujatha Sathya said...

Yes agree that all relationships are a give and take and at different points different priorities

Loco mente said...

So well said. Totally agree with you!

Sujatha Sathya said...

I thought I had left a comment long back. Hmm I don't see it.

Well I agree with the post