I am totally fed up of seeing those happy new year messages everywhere..isnt there over dose of greetings everywhere? Does it make anyone feel better?

I really dont understand modern Etiquette, specially on Facebook..and whatsapp...

People sending 10 times happy new year,in fact if one gets the same message 20 times, one is forwarding all to all in one" contact.. then individually posting on face book and then there in the comments all friends affirming ..I thought liking any post means we affirm the statement..
In whats app, if i share something then it means i agree with that and like that , I share it to MY people, I dont need reactions which mean nothing..And if i get a forward , and there is something special to say about that i say, otherwise I dont believe in just giving reactions like .thumbs up or smileys.though i am guilty of doing that sometimes due to peer pressure:)

Arent we creating bulk of digital trash for nothing? if we have so much of free time why not put it to some good better yourself or society or your children.And i really wonder if its for entertainment, if it is then,its a hopeless.


harman singh said…
Lol :))
don't get annoyed .. its New Year ..more good year wishes are more blessings take it that way..
..God bless everyone :)
indu chhibber said…
Agree with you Renu
sm said…
yes majority times people even do not read just forward it and even read do not think just forward it.
Radha said…
I feel the same way about good morning messages, but then the people who send it are nice guys and I try to not get annoyed and respond to their messages once a week !
Agree to an extent. I just use my what's app for these days and don't reply also .simple .I don't open those messages and video .
Radha said…
I agree. Just like I get annoyed with good morning messages and the like on Whatsapp !
How do we know said…
hmm... Maybe someone who doesn't get as many... will feel differently..

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