Tuesday, September 22, 2020

East or West

 Today on Twitter I saw few deriding west and all that . I don’t agree that everything in west is bad and here everything is all hunky dory in families. Good and bad people are everywhere.. and certain ways of doing things are different.

Good things which I like about western culture..

Individuality is encouraged, one is given lot of choices in everything. And independence is cultivated. And it is taught from the very beginning the concept of give and take, like if someone is kind to you, you also return it in some way and in very small small things.

children leave home early and make their own life, so they don’t feel obligation to look after parents but in general most of them care and do.

What I don’t want us to emulate is 

They give too much freedom to adolescents and too much exposure to sex, teenage pregnancies are biggest problem in any society. I feel that one should do only when one can take the consequences.otherwise whole life goes for a toss and a dysfunctional generation is born.

Secondly marriages shouldn’t be taken lightly, never marry in haste and repent at leisure. And divorce shouldn’t be a first option if you have kids ,multiple marriages and kids from that bring so many negative influences. I would advise not to marry unless you have patience to compromise.or don’t have children in multiple marriages.

In India basically our culture is good and very selfless but it has its own problem. Because however we may adulate parents, they are not very fair and impartial. Of course they look after children selfless ly in childhood( though not all parents do even that) they take their pound of flesh with their grown up children.Our society  puts lot of pressure on children to take care of their parents financially, emotionally and physically and here I differ, I feel it’s a two way street, where parents should also get down from their high chair and be nice to their son family and they also have equal responsibility to make others happy.

I see many parents who want to run everything their own way , if they are living together. They must take retirement from active participation in everything.


SG said...

Agree with you 100%. Great post.

Renu said...

Thank you SG!

Amrita said...

Totally agree with you on the parents aspect. Regarding unwanted pregnancies that is rampant in India too
it's just hushed up quickly. And adolescents are not made aware of safety aspects. The west is a very individual culture, while the Indian one is a choesive one. Each comes with their own challenges. I think in India it's easier to find a support system be it moral, emotional or even physical. While in the west each person is an island which might be troublesome for gregarious people.

Destination Infinity said...

Life is the same in both places. If you gain early, you lose later. If you lost early, you gain later. The only constant in human life everywhere is WORK.

Destination Infinity

Renu said...

Amrita: you are right : My sister is a teacher and she tells me the modern way of youngsters .but still I don’t find it very common in my known circle. I feel that Indian system of forbiddingl sex is better for adolescents. Because abroad they tell u everything, safety norms and all but first it make the situation any better? Now a days with people having one child only , support system is also vanishing slowly but yes still we are better off in that respect.

Renu said...

Destination Infinity: yes in most of the ways humans are same everywhere.I prefer early independence than getting it when I can’t enjoy it.

sm said...

we do not talk about sex openly, abortions are not reported which are increasing day by day, older people do not report crimes committed by their kids , how they harass their parents,
problems are here and there , nothing is perfect and no culture is no.1

Renu said...

You are right but still we have fewer unwed mothers earlier, but now everything is changing with the advent of adult content on web.

Shilpa said...

I agree with most of the points . Yes this is must read post for all

Renu said...

Thank you Shilpa!

East or West

 Today on Twitter I saw few deriding west and all that . I don’t agree that everything in west is bad and here everything is all hunky dory ...