Thursday, September 3, 2020


 This is an Israeli series on Netflix, it was recommended by my dear friend Amrita. Initially I didn’t like it much but then it grows on you. It has 2 seasons of 12 episode each. It’s the story of ultra orthodox people who have their own ways of living. Like hair style, dress.. (all married women wear a sort of cap to cover their hairs),their own education and laws.

Instead of whole story , I would like to point out what I liked and disliked in any character.

Shulem shtisel is a widower and teacher who becomes principal later there. He enjoys food, so whenever any widow shares it with him, he is more than happy but doesn’t want to commit in relationship and in the end when he commits to one Menukha , she is very dominating and the way he cancels it , I liked it. He is looking forward fir his son to find a mate.His is such a normal character, a man who looks for company , but still reminisces about his dead wife, cares for his children  to the extent that interferes in their life to their chagrin. He is conservative and rigid in his attitude.

Akiva shtisel.. son of shulem.. initially he comes across a little bumbling person who is drifting here and there. He is an artist, goes to a meeting arranged to find a bride,and just because that girl cries he says yes, but later tells the truth. Then falls in love with a widowed mother of a child, persues here relentlessly, gets engaged but his father puts an end to this when he comes to know that that lady is presently not interested in marriage. In the last he meets his cousin Libbi and finds love,her father puts conditions and he accepts everything, even putting a stop to his passion painting. He redeems his character when towards the end he realised that one should be loved the way one is and Libbi also realised the manipulation’s of his father.Michael Aloni has played the part of Akiva very well,very lovable.

Then there is Giti daughter If shulem married to Lippe Weiss, who leaves her for another woman but later regrets and comes back. She initially wants him to come back but later resents.Their daughter Ruchami goes and gets married to a poor studious boy who is initially rejected by her family but later accepted.

One thing I find different is that these people are ok with having so many children like Giti has 6. And marrying at any age is considered normal for both man and woman.. They have computers but watching TV is considered bad.


SG said...

Thanks for introducing this Israeli series. I certainly will look for it.

Renu said...

I loved Fauda., in the action that is the best I have seen.

Amrita said...

So glad you liked it!

ashok said...

Good info

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