Monday, August 17, 2009


I saw many not so popular movies in the last days like..
STRAIGHT.......This is a fall out of few hit movies like Dostana and and few movie hit hero..Vinay Pathak. I dont think he is a hero material even for such movies..He is not like Amol Palekar or Farukh shaikh. The only good thing about this movie is the actor who played hero;s brother, I think he is Anuj.
SHORT CUT:..This is a comic take on the bollywood insider;s take, the only thing wrong is that they forgot whether they wanted to make a comedy or a serious movie.Arshad warsi becomes a super hit hero,called King Kumar by stealing the story and all that, but he is shown to be the same..sadak cchap even after becoming a hit hero with millions.And all the Challwallas making a film is taking it too far.But the incidents are quite an eye opener habout how this industry works. Akshay Khanna is hero with Amrita Rao. Chunky pandey has done his role with elan.
Luck: .........Here the concept is new but treatment is very shabby. Imran Khan has the fixed expressions throughout the movie and Shruti Hassan totally disappoints..neither a beauty nor a good actress. Danny and Mithun are wasted. Sanjay Dutt has essayed the role of don umpteen times,and he hasnt done anything new here....only Ravi kishan apeals a little.
IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU:.This is a lovely movie,which shows that world loves the lovers.
FAR & AWAY: ..this is the movie set in the period of 1887 i think,with Tom cruise and Nicole kidman and liked it. So much like an indian love story:)
NEW YORK: This is a very well made movie about the plight of muslims in US after 9-11...with stellar acting from Irfaan Khan and Neil Nitin Mukesh, Even John Abraham and Katrina have done well. The end is very tragic and sometimes Omar;s attitude is little puzzling also. I feel that if any community wants to be considered fair and upright, they have to show it by weeding out the bad ones or not shelter them or support them anywhere.


Suree said...

i have seen straight and newyork...

loved newyork

straight is boring...

Renu said...

Suree: yeah, straight is a cgrade movie....newyork is interesting.

Anonymous said...

I havent seen any of those.
Courier DVD plz.
: )

A rebel all the way... said...

I have seen none of those.
Arre, watch some of the movies I am recommending here.
- Shawshank Redemption (this is a MUST watch for everyone. there is no other movie as inspiring as this one)
- Requiem for a Dream (one of the darkest movies I have seen, yet beautifully made)
- American Beauty (my favourite, and one of the weirdest movies you would come across, with a powerful message)
- My Brother Nikhil
- Raincoat
- PS I Love You
- Eternal Sunshne of the Spotless Mind
- The Prestige
- Crash
- Little Miss Sunshine
Baaki yaad aayengi to bataunga.

Pixie said...

I enjoyed New York as well!

Haven't watched the rest of the lot..
I enjoy your reviews...
usually I pick up the movies - DVD after reading what you have to say on most of them!! :)

Rush said...

i havent seen any of these.i feel left out...
Please recommend me ur best one of the above five..will try and see if i can get a dvd to watch then?

Solilo said...

I have not watched any of these.

Did you watch Love Aaj Kal?

Renu said...

Hobo: Nothing lost:)....I saw because they were the only ones available:)

Rebel: I have noted down your list, will see them and tell you:) My brother Nikhil.. I have watched twice, its a beautiful movie and the first one has been recommended by my children also:)

PIXIE; Thanx Pixie !! you made my day, I couldnt get a better compliment than that:)

RUSH: last three are york, it could happen to you and Far & AWay..if you like romance the way I like:)

Solio: I am looking forward to see all...LAK,Kaminney and Kambakht in Zurich neither there is any cinemal hall where Hindi movie runs nor we get good DVDs:(

Smitha said...

I haven't seen any of these movies. But I really like the way you review movies :)

Kanupriya said...

Out of all these, I've only seen New York & liked this movie a lot :)

Vijay Khaitan said...

Are you a film critic. I have stopped watching Hindi movies. May be my interest towards movie has diminished. Everything seems so artificial. In my younger days, I used to see English Movies. I was crazy about it. I rate "Limelight" and "Gone with the wind" the best I have ever seen

Renu said...

Smitha: thanx Smitha !! Actually by the time I watch the movies, they are not new, so I dont write the story, I tell only what I liked or disliked:)

Kanupriya: Newyork is good, now i am looking fwd to see kaminey:)

Vijay Khaitan: NO:)..I am a movie addict from my childhood, I cant watch soaps on TV, but will watch any movie. Since I have a blog, I like to document my thoughts on this, as may be they can help future audience:)
Welcome here Mr. Khaitan, I am very happy to see you here.

Piper .. said...

havent seen any of these movies, Renu. But I guess I will eventually :) How have you been? I`ve been so busy, and am still trying to catch up with my reading.

Renu said...

PIPER: you are not missing anything, none except newyork is good:)

I am returning tomorrow, so all packed and ready to leave:)

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