Monday, August 24, 2009


Sorry friends ..I have removed the previous post as everybody felt it was my personal experience whereas it wasnt so, whereas I just wanted to show mirror to a few girls telling them how it looks if they do that and is that type of behaviour justified? I feel that some people just turn away their good luck and I feel sorry for them as they are unfortunate.


Pixie said...

Oh no... :(
You really shouldn't have!
It was thought provoking...
It is your blog na? Your thoughts matter the most. We offer our opinions, argue, debate and walk away from here, richer in knowledge. :)

The post and the comments were totally thought provoking and debatable! :)

Renu said...

PIXIE: That is the owrst part of writing with your own name, and telling everybody about your blog..I mean friends and family...some people started identifying themselves:)

I have lot more on the subject and now will write either in a different way , just wait for a few days:)

I am thankful and glad too that young people like you feel stimulated to discuss..thats the main purpose of my induce a thought, results are not so important to me:)

Piper .. said...

Renu, Please dont apologize. Its your blog and your space. I hope I havent hurt you with my comments too, because now that I see your post gone, I feel terrible.

Anonymous said...

Y did u remove it..I loved tht particular post :)

And I second Pixie..It is ur blog..Write as 'you' please :)

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi :)))

Amrita said...

Hey honestly I am so glad you removed the post :)
Well, it was holding the mirror to many "new age" gals - but then there is a thing called constructive criticism. The post sounded out right bitter and more a slap. :)
Come on you are a sweetsu - you can sugar coat the very same thing and say :)

Hoping for the changed tone post soon

Sandhya said...

Did I miss something, Renu? I was off blogging for some days because of my eye problem. Now, I am back. Hope you are well.

Monika said...

no that was a post whioh could have triggered some great discussions

but i understand what u are saying in the terms of relating it urself, blogging in real name does have a lot of disadvantages

Rush said...

wat happened here? i didnt see the prev blog, was on a road trip...i come back and feeling somethings amiss?

could i get the prev post by email? pleassse?

Renu said...

PIPER: No my dear, I have always thought you are too sweet to compare are feeling terrible just because you think may be you hurt your blogger friend's feeling, whereas u havent..on the other side today DILS hurt their near and dear ones and dont feel a thing......I want all the young generation to take stock and think (like you:)

SWAT: No my dear here you are not hundred percent right..a family person doesnt have that liberty to do what one likes all the time:(....or may be any time.

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to you too !!
hamne bhi ganpati baithaye hain:)

Amrita:..actually Amrita I have seen that today people take a softer person as gullible or the one who could be taken for granted.What our generation does or adjusts for the sake of love and care, youth thinks that we are either fool or we have no choice..sometimes they need a sound whacking:) to bring them on earth..........One thing more I wanted to say that husband who brings light in their lives was not born out of a tree from where you plucked him:)

Sandhya: How are you now? what happened ?..You didint miss much:) will call u after I get settled:)

RUSH: nothing much, it was just a post on family relationships, a slap in the face to some girls:)..will try to email you

Deeps said...

I join Mishy and say dont apologize for writing and sharing your thoughts,Renu.This is your page and you have every right to let yourself out.If someone doesnt liek what you're saying,let him/her not come ack,its his/her wish and loss!

Reflections said...

Hey I'm disappointed....its true tht the post was a bit ...u knw sort of bitter but sometimes posts like these make people think of the other persons version of things. And most of all I was expecting a healthy discussion:-)).

Renu said...

mONIKA: yes i wanted to everybody to see every side of coiun, becuase I believe that if an educated person is doing a mistake, then may be she is not able to see the other side of coin.
I wanted to write my real name because I want to have the guts to say everything on the face, but seems to me that I still have some toime before I can be so upfront.

Deeps: I am not apologising for what I said, that was TRUTH , I am apologising for rewmoving that post.
And since all the ponts I wrote were take from reality from friends, relatives, ay be someone from them could identify:)

Renu said...

Reflections:....u see a poetry comes from a broken heart only:)

That post was touching everybody because it came from heart and it was real and truth.

I think I will have to start a new blog:)

Sparkling said...

You shouldn't have taken the post off Renu, and you don't have to be apologetic about these things. It's first and foremost your personal blog and you can write your thoughts the way you want. You don't force us to read you, we read you b'coz we like to do so. This was your take on things which brought out (and as it should) frm each one of us our counter take on it. And that is absolutely fine.

And there was so much humour to it as well ;) Please don't ever feel apologetic.


Shruti SriHarsha said...

Renu, In my previous comment I mentioned, its your opinion and have all the right's to say what you like.....u shouldnt have removed it ya...whatever it is...U rock!!!! continue to write :)

Amrita said...

I know Renu, its a tricky situation mostly now a days,if you are stern you are treated like a vamp, if you are pally you are treated like one lacking voice. I think a fine balance always works. And i think many times the husband should step in and say , my mom deserves the respect. Even I wonder, that very woman gave u that man as ur husband, just for his sake, i would go to any length to keep my mil happy. And come on tom when u have a dil how would you expect her to be? Give ur mil the same treatment. Its so simple. why do some women forget that?

Renu said...

sparkling: Thanks for such sweet words, It was the truth and some people got it:) and that was creating complications:)

Shruti Sriharsha: Thanx a ton Shruti !! I am an eternal optimist, I want everyone to happy, so keep thinking how to do that, and these [posts come out as a show some the other side in the hope that sanity returns to them.

Amrita: You are right, sometimes what happens that initially husband thinks that may be with time or after getting so much of love from his family the girl will understand, but what happens is that some girls take it as a signal that they can get away with anything and parents not wanting a rift in their son's life keep quiet.. its all really a very tricky issue...Even I havent been able to find a fix guideline either for parent or husband about what to do and what is right.

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