Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine Day

For the last one week , TV, newspaper, magazines , everywhere there was valentine day and valentine fact over dose of it..but did anyone remember even that in 1931 on 23th in the morning time legendary BHAGAT SINGH,RAJGURU and SUKHDEV were hanged to their deaths. Nobody even remebers their names...we only celebrate choclate day, hug day, valentine day etc etc etc......we didnt bother to salute them.because we are hung up on media and its commercialisation.
commercial establishments hype these things to sell their merchandise and then they laugh away to the bank.

Many couples who keep fighting everyday but on this day splurge to show their love.

There are many children who humiliate their parents everyday, but on mother's and father's day bring them gifts, and treat them.

What do you prefer.....long term respect and love or one day of king size life?

Do we really need these days to affirm our love ?

To me day today behaviour matters more than these one day affiliations..yes if normally everyone behaves well then these pampering also bring a meaning to life, otherwise parroting them is useless...

To me
Everyday is valentine day if my husband loves me , and takes care of me.
Everyday is mother's day if my children love me and respect me and are not rude to me.

Since day to day caring is difficult thing to most people they take the support of these symbolic celebrations to ease their conscience.

And when the whole country was busy with MNIK and SRK....terrorist striked at their will at is so very sad and frustrating to see that if a film is disturbed, whole county is moved to action and when there are so many lives are stake we are not the threat was already there, what was our administration doing? looking after SRK,his family and movie....why cant we mobilise the common man for some good causes..atleast against terrorism which affects the common man most?

I just hope that better sense prevails and none say now..Pakistan is a great neighbour..Peace will not come with closing our eyes to the reality, but with accepting the reality .Here is a good letter to SRK


Priya said...

Hi Renu Mam,

A good post...i accept with you on the valentines day part...its true that none of us remember that they were hanged on the same day...

As far as the bomb blast goes...yes pune is a very safe city and i have been enjoying the state till blast happened on some how made everybody have fear once in their i will post in my blog some day...

But one thing..i would still say pakistan is a great neighbour...remember pakistan coming into our country and blasting, it is not pakistans fault but our incapability of stopping them..and if i have to blame i would blame some politicians but not pakistani cause every pakistani is not a terrorist and vice versa...if in that case there are terrorists in India also that does not mean all Indians are bad...its simply and purely a political game started by our great Father of Nation..


The Bald Guy said...

Ok I am embarrassed. I had no idea it was their martyr day too. RIP those three. They did a wonderful job of helping India towards her freedom. And a part of me wants to go along with what Priya mentioned above about the Father of the Nation starting all that. Guess he did. Well, maybe now we should forget his three monkey philosophy and start bombing Pak too. That should put them in their senses.

But then is war the answer to everything?

Keeping quiet and taking everything nicely and politely is surely not the answer too.

Chanz said...

No. We dont remember that even the names of those who gave their lives for us. Frankly, it takes me some extra seconds to remember their names. Not just me. But I am sure that a lot of people do that too. Publicity is the culprit. No, its not that I am ignorant of the fact. But because I am not reminded of those who were hanged. Newpapers are flooded with red. But red as a symbol of love. And not blood of those who gave their lives to make us free.

But again. I am the one who celebrates mothers day, fathers day and valentines day. i do it with no regrets even when I am rude to them on the other days. I dont crticise these small occasions. Coz they have their own warmth and love. But yes. i do criticise those who do not remind us of things which are more important that than just a few gifts..

Renu said...

Priya:..everytime blasts happen and they give some link with their govt..official machinery involved how can we say otherwise....and secondly what the majority does or their countrymen let the people do, it becomes their doing..did pou read what pakistani schools are teaching students about India?..who frames the syllabus?..

If our govt. does something wrong then we also cant escape the blame.

Bald Guy:..we can remember only kitschy things propagated by west.Its not you only, we all have become like that.
Yes Gandhiji left a pandora box, but with so many asbvanced thinking, why cant we bring peace?
Bombing never solved anything..kill one, and hundreds are born, we have to go that extra length and secondly we must be firm in our response to soft peddling in crimes, instead do that for citizens.

chanz:you are so hypes only what benefits them, they have lost their conscience in money....I celebrate the days round the year:)

Shrutzz said...

am so low cos of the surroundings am LIVING not ok these days Renu, with again another bomb blast and today from the Times, got to know 2 of the innocent lives from PUNE blast were siblings...Am not sure, if am right in BLAMING the govt or Whoever creating NEWS for all unwaned reasons, but am so helpless.....This is the WORLD v r living

Bloody, who needs this Valentine's day, personally never even bothered to think of it, while I know my hubby is always there for me...

Priya said...

Hi Mam,

You were right in asking me what are the pakistani's teaching the kids in their school...but what i ask is did we see it...did we hear a pakistani saying so? no we hear some stupid news channel rather a stupid news paper saying so..

Let me tell you one thing...People remember Father of Nation do everything...i am not supporting his philosophy instead i am the one of them who dont like it...I request you to read the book men who killed Gandhi by Nathuram Godse..(the person who killed gandhi) listen to his version and then you will not even blame pakistani's..

See we don't exactly know what is being taught to them..and i don't even belive that the person who started saying this did go and attend schools in pakistan...But one thing for sure..Its our government which is at wrong..not them..If u have a capability of doing some thing do..You are the ones who just kept giving them things one after another..We gave them pakistan...we with closed eyes allowed them to call Pakistan Occupied kashmir...during separation we gave them 55 crores..Its we first who have to grow up..we encouraged them to take everything..and yes they are taking it from us cause they sow a seed we are watering it...


Priya said...

And one more thing..To my belief pakistani's did some thing in America also..Go and once see how americans screen everything in their own country...there might be loop holes over there also but they do...and they do it religiously..

I know a guy a security officer in mumbai airport who asked for money from one of my friend who is going to USA for project in order to stamp on his laptop declaration saying its his offical laptop..So why are you blaming Pakistani's blame our government for not doing any thing rather than blaming some body else for doing some thing...which ofcourse is not right..

You might think that i am very cruel that i am not sympathising with those who have lost lives whats the point in doing that..when we know that some thing is gonna happen cause we stay in a democratic country and allow every body to take a piece of it...


Amrita said...

I completely agree with you Renu

Renu said...

Priya:.. we get all our knowledge thru media only, whether its good or bad, and either we believe both or none.

I also believe that Gandhiji also made many mistakes, specially partition and that too the way it happened...but we need not to harp on that now..its 60 years, couldnt our educated people make a differenc now? shouldnt we take informed decisions now?.

Yes corruption is our bigger enemy, but the people who are giving bribes are worse than takers.

When US frisks the people even ministers dont complain, but in India..human rights, minority commissions and everybody takes cudgels....we are paying for being a secular country..

Shruti: what happened?

Amrita: Thanks Amrita!

PNA said...

Hey Renu,

Fully agree on the different days celebrated and especially valentine' day. A good turnover for the archies gallery n the pubs and the restaurants and coffee shops nothing more nothing less... personally I've never bothered, long term behaviour
is what matters and these days are so artificial and plastic... and the FM was on with if love is gone, then move on for so many days, though the ads to the programme quite funny..

Priya said...

No mam...we are paying for what we are choosing..People like me who are educated enough cannot get vote power since we do not stay in the same residence for more than one year to vote and people who get vote power do not have education..

I feel humilated from inside that we cannot do anything for anybody...If you see inside i think every one of us are feeling like shruti only..but the only difference is we are putting on blogs and she is not...

Ya shruti i know..i am living in pune for the past five years now..i never heard or expected some thing like shook all the people who are staying in pune...but the only thing we can do is drop a tear and nothing else...


Babli said...

Happy Valentines Day to you.
Lovely post.

Tara said...

Thanx for reminding the names of the great martyrs. Now I realise how much media rules !!!

I dont celebrate these days personally but I think it has got its own colours. But its necessary to brighten those colors till next year and not to let it fade off ...

Ashish said...

I agree with all the points...I even once had a big debate with one of my close friends and she did't talk to me for a week for not wishing my mother on Mother's day...yeah it's trivial and childish but there are people like this and who are our friends, near and dear ones too...I guess India needs to know its ancient cultural heritage and where it is heading to...

BTW it was 23 March 1931 and not 14th Feb

Renu said...

PNA:..I find all this hulla gulla quite funny..everywhere plastic hearts and pink all looks so childish..good for teenagers, but otherwise we must grow up and behave well all the time.

Priya:..Even if we change residence, we can get the voting opportunity if we make some efforts and there are many other things also we can do..

aware of you surroundings,
being aware of your neighbours,
being aware of suspicious people and informing people,
but how many people know the neighbours or ever bother about abandoned things?

Babli: thanks!

Tara: there is no harm in celebrations..they bring happiness,but giving them a certain style or following west blindly is not good..our culture is very rich why not go after that.

Ashish: I feel so happy when I see your views and feel that still we have some hope:)
Yes we have a very good and strong culture, why not find something in that to celebrate..then you will find all youngster forgetting something or other.

Thank you for noticing it..that liberty was taken to put effect:)

Deeps said...

"Everyday is valentine day if my husband loves me , and takes care of me.
Everyday is mother's day if my children love me and respect me and are not rude to me."..beautiful thought, Renu! Loved what you said.

As for the Pune carnage, yet it is frustrating to see how our nation is targeted by those terror-mongers time and again and all we indulge in is silly and selfish politics.

Reflections said...

"To me day today behaviour matters more than these one day affiliations..yes if normally everyone behaves well then these pampering also bring a meaning to life, otherwise parroting them is useless..."

How abt if day to day behaviour is good and still u want to celebrate Valentines;-D
See...I'll explain: my better-half is nice and all tht thruout the year but he gets me red roses ONLY on Valentine's u see how the day is really imp to me;-D

And wanted to correct u when I saw Ashish had already done it but yes ur meaning was clear:-)).

Preeti said...

Hi Renu,

we do remember the heros , and I for one love them , and when someone sent me the sms that day , i also reminded them that its not on 14th feb ...

I totally agree that there is no point in celebrating V day when u ddont love and respect the partner all other days ...but when u love then why not show it on one day ... i know how my mom felt one day when my dad gave her a rose on V day !!! those are the moments ...why not ..and whats wrong in the west idiology .its good to come out and tell and not just keep it in heart ...we indian shout and yell at top of our voice but when showing love and affection always shy out ...we cant even kiss at public ...:)

and i know many pakis ...they are awesome humans and yes my parents have been to paki land , their normal folks are just like us ...harmless and trying to make ends meet , struggling to live n find a life ...they are not terrorist ...I support SRK as he is all for not mixing sports , u know what olympics started to end war betweeen countries , music and sports can reunite this world in peace ...

and yes we as ppl have to be more vigilant and fight against terrorism not against another country or religion .

we have many traitors inside the country , may be they will outnumber paki fellas , who knows the bomb blast was from some indian grp ..we cant be sure ...

A rebel all the way... said...

Renu, I agree with you at places. People sucking upto their parents/better halves on these days, and then disrespecting them all year long amounts to nothing but hypocrisy. But then these days also bring a whiff of fresh air sometimes. So although I am not at all a fan of Valentines day/Mothers day/Fathers day, I see no harm done when some people celebrate it.
And I don't think it is a trade off between knowing about our history/tradition and celebrating these days. You can do both, and you can do neither.
So yes, it does hurt when people celebrate these days, but do not remember our freedom fighters and what they did for the country, but I don't think I can blame them either.
As you said, we should live forwards, not backwards. (And I do not mean to say we should wash our hands off our history, but I hope you get the drift).

Renu said...

Deeps:Thank you Deep!...Now I think every citizen has to be made responsible, behave responsibly..that is know your neighbour and notice abandoned items.

Reflections:...How abt if day to day behaviour is good and still u want to celebrate Valentines;-D..:):):);;fir kya ha fir to aap roj valentine manaate honge...:):):)..Nothere is no harm in celebrating anything...only thing I feel bad is whenevr you ask this generation to celebrate any of traditional festival or something, they will forget..or wouldnt like...If you need some celebration in life why not celebrate hundred things we already have.

Preeti:..first thing .I am glad tosee you here:) where were you? no post on your blog and no comments here, I was missing you.

..but when u love then why not show it on one day ... yes point noted mam:)

since the responsibility for blast has already been taken by some group, we know certain areas with certain people soft measures dont work...our first responsibility is to see our country safe...

and traitors.outside or inside..everywhere should be punished.

Rebel all the way:...I am so happy to see you here that i wont even reply to your comment...kahan ho ? kya kar rahe ho? kuch khabar nahi ha?

kirti said...

you are right about media leading our thought process and stirring the emotions . yes, we forgot Rajguru ,bhagat Singh and Sukhdev .
We remembered only our Valentines .
similarly , media only talked about shaharukh's aboveboard statement but did not talk about
pakistani unwillingness to demolish terrorism and hence unfit to be called a great neighbour.

A rebel all the way... said...

Haha. Theek thaak hoon. Isi ghatiya sheher mein hoon. :(
Is saal wapas move karna hai. So will start looking for jobs. :)
Can't wait to come back to the motherland (and the mother, of course). :)
Mothers, should I say. :)

Renu said...

Kirti: welcome here and hope to see you often!...thats what i detes, that media is so powerful if they want then can rally the people for right causes and bring some good changew in society, but they nevr do it.

A Rebel ALL the family loves London and and you say it is a ghaiya:)..aa jao wapas, aur yahan Chennai me:):):)

Sandhya said...

"Everyday is valentine day if my husband loves me , and takes care of me.
Everyday is mother's day if my children love me and respect me and are not rude to me." - So true, Renu.

Times are changing and priorities too change with it. I just feel funny watching the youngsters' celebration and the way the shoppkeepers are making money!

Destiny's child... said...

Well, I am one of those ignorant ones who did not know that our legendary freedom fighters became martyrs on Feb 14th!
I totally agree with you about the silly celebration days part. Every day is a celebration, isn't it? :)

I had written something similar on this topic some time back...

Solilo said...

Renu, I'm not sure if anyone corrected you in the above comments.

Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev were martyred on 23 March 1931. I don't know who spread this false date and I see many posting it on blogs and twitter without even confirming the actual date.

Kindly correct the date. We must remember them always but also can't attribute wrong date to when they were hanged.

As for Valentine's Day, I am with you. I mean I am a romantic emotional woman but I think in India it is way too commercialized now. Here I didn't see anything huge on Valentine's Day. People were normal and the day went spreading cheers and love to everyone not to just lovers.

Solilo said...

Did you get my comment? Just checking because sometimes my comment vanishes from blogspots.

J P Joshi said...

Agree with you that this is pure commercialisation.. businesses want to make money and a segment of our younger generation wants to ape the west in everything.. it serves the interest of the commercial establishment too.

SG said...

Your Valentine Day message is loud and clear. But as for as national security, we have to take care of ourselves. There is no point in blaming others.

Renu said...

Sandhya:..People of our age find it funny, whereas youngsters love it..yes times are changing.

Solio:..Thanks for telling me, but I knew that, as that movie had come na?..I just wrote that to bring some I thought that nobody is being misled into doing some thing bad..its only a good thought that matters:)

and yes many more have pointed it out:)

About Valentine day..there is no harm in celebrating, but I feel sad when we dont want to celebrate our culture but want to embrace everything from west.

JP is sad that commerce is completely taking over our sensibilities.

SG; Yes SG we must look after our own home, but then we cant be too nice to intruders also..we cant compliment them.

Manjunath said...

Hey like always another nice post, was not able to visit blog for couple of days and between are u on indiblogger?

queserasera said...

Hi, its a great post...i totally agree with u about forgeting the legends who sacrificed their lives for our freedom....its really a shame if we dont pay our tribute to them...atleast they deserve so much(actually much more)...about V day celebration i dont view it as an unwanted is definetly a western influence....but there's nothing wrong in taking the gud things from anywhere....but that doesnt mean we have to give up our culture and values...i guess we can have fun on V day nd at the same time v should not forget abt our legends too...nd about SRK, i'm totally on his side...i mean we all have freedom of speech...he has expressed his view...few may not accept it but still they cant force him to appologize for something that he beleives...there will b numerous issues in a country...our govt shud b prepared at all time...if they cant protect others just bcoz they were busy protecting srk then the fault is with the system...its really very unfortunate that v lost lives in pune nd i blame the govt for not taking proper action inspite of the threat...on the whole its an intresting post...i liked it...

Piper .. said...

Renu, Bhagat Singh was hanged on 23 Mar 1931 in Lahore Jail - not 14 Feb. Check it out on the web.
As far as celebrations go, of course it is a commercial venture. Why else would there be so much promotion? Who would think people actually want to propagate the concept of friendship and love?? The idea in itself sounds funny :):)

Renu said...

Manjunath: Thank you for being so generous to me!..wht is indiblogger:)..hey I am quite a novice here:)

Queserasera:.welcome here !
You have put it so rightly and in the right perspective..about valentine day.

In democracy we have freedom of speech, but it comes with a responsibility too..and govt must give evrything due importance..not more, not less.

Piper: Yes Mishy I knew it , and many blogger friends also pointed out, but I thought It will bring more effect, but now I have corrected it.
And here in this valentine fever, everything goes so overboard and its really funny.

Chandrika Shubham said...

I totally agree with u that we r forgeting our great leaders, scientist and philosophers. We should also remember them along with these celebrations.

Renu said...

Chandrika Shubham: exactly that is my point..take whatever you want from outside..but dont forget your own.

shail said...

On Valentine's day there was a tweet on re-tweeted by a few of my friends that said that Bhagat Singh and other were hanged on the same day (14th Fab)and none of us remembered that. Trying to make Indians go on a guilt-trip!! Whoever thought it up is a real Machiavelli. But they were hanged on 23rd of March. So there seems to have been an ulterior motive for the news to be 'planted' thus.

Valentine's day is like any other day of celebration. Even if couples fight all year round and splurge on that day, isn't it the same as a family that fights but pretends in front of others that everything is okay with them?? And THAT is such a common sight. This celebration of days is only the same thing being presented in a different way. Even celebrating a birthday of someone when you are always fighting with the person falls in the same category. In fact any sort of celebration does. What is the point of going to the temple and piously praying when the rest of the time you are plotting?? So even that is similar to celebrations not coming from the heart. Anything in this life becomes beautiful only when done with a good and pure heart, not just Valentine's day IMHO.
Live and Let Live seems better to me. Those who want to celebrate or splurge, let them do so and those who don't want can keep away.

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