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What is in surname

Recently i read a case where the divorced wife continue to use husband's name despite the prohibiting orders and she was taken to court for that by her inlaws and husband and one more case where a celebrity has been legally prohibited from using the famous surname and both these cases reminde me of my old post about surnames..and it seems that its the ordinary mortals of the category.of husbands who are put to this...... individuality and keeping parents name and all that, but wherever the husbands are big names, none of the girls have any qualms in using their surname, or should I say want to use it purposely.........

Recently my MIl has been sick, and though she is 90 years, but she hasnt taken much antibiotics or allopathic medicines in her life and what a ruckus she creates when she has to take them. And i realised what all precautions one has to take when en elderly person lives with you like..

There shouldnt be any water anywhere on the floor...for the fear that she may sl…


I got a mail from this site to take part in this contest, and me being so careless, lost it somewhere and today suddenly I remembered and saw that today is the last day, so posting something in a hurry:)

S was a very brilliant girl born in a lower middle calss family, but she was very ambitious, she used to say..I am born in a lower middle class but its not necessary for me to die in this class, I am going to reach the stars. She worked hard in her studies, and extra curricular activities and was quite self centred in her attitude. If she wanted something, she will take it, no consideration for anyone else. But her perseverance with her studies paid of, today she is a women in her own right, living lavishly, and in her own independent way as an accomplished person.

M was young pampered daughter in a modern household, Her mother pampered her a lot, gave her what she wanted, be it food, clothes, outing anything, as she wanted to make her feel no less than boys. and she didnt even ask …

A very long tag

I am sorry Amrita that I am doing this tag so late, but i just forgot it..I am really feeling bad.....This tag is too long and I just hope that I am able to do the justice..lets see:)
1. Last drink:Tea
2. Last phone call:my sister3. Last text message: Some Airtel promotion message
4. Last song you listened to:tere has really melodious songs.
5. Last time you cried:...When i was young I never wanted anyone to see my tears, as I thought they show your may be I have become weak, as I cant stop them sometime, children only make me cry...nothing else disturbs me more than their wrong behaviour.
6. Dated someone twice:never dated
7. Been cheated upon? Cheated - I can never cheat anybody but I have been cheated many times.
8. Kissed someone & regretted it?never kissed, so no question of regretting:)
9. Lost someone special?never got anyone special, so was saved the hurt of loosing:)
10. Been depressed? Of course!! And I tell you its an awf…

Valentine Day

For the last one week , TV, newspaper, magazines , everywhere there was valentine day and valentine fact over dose of it..but did anyone remember even that in 1931 on 23th in the morning time legendaryBHAGAT SINGH,RAJGURU and SUKHDEV were hanged to their deaths. Nobody even remebers their names...we only celebrate choclate day, hug day, valentine day etc etc etc......we didnt bother to salute them.because we are hung up on media and its commercialisation.
commercial establishments hype these things to sell their merchandise and then they laugh away to the bank.

Many couples who keep fighting everyday but on this day splurge to show their love.

There are many children who humiliate their parents everyday, but on mother's and father's day bring them gifts, and treat them.

What do you prefer.....long term respect and love or one day of king size life?

Do we really need these days to affirm our love ?

To me day today behaviour matters more than these one day affiliations…


Today our newspaper stated that Australian minister has accepted that some attacks on Indians were racial and guilty will be punished...but we Indians always put the blinkers on in all this type of situations...many said and wrote in blogs....

That they they are living in Australia for so many years and have never felt it....I can say that I am living in India forever and never faced communal rights, but that doesnt mean that I can say that communal rights dont happen here, or I ridicule the people who faced them, that they must have done something to warrant that, its like in never had a burglary in the house then it is alright to say that thefts dont happen here.

Then some people said that doesnt India has law and order problem...yes we have, but does it mean we have no right to ask for it anywhere else...

I feel sad at so little pride in our nationality, that we jump to the conclusions very fast, though we are just like any other country with many good thing and few problems also



Below are commandments of life I got from a spiritual site I like, now I want to check what is there in the list and how much they relate to me, what i do and what need some improvement:)

1. Give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully.

This is the best mantra of life and brings happiness all around us, I have started doing it and it works like magic.

2. Memorize your favorite poem.

Instead of any poem I like songs:)

3. Don't believe all you hear, spend all you have, or sleep all you want.

Another many times we hear something and make impressions which are far from truth, and as far as spending is concerned one must always save a substantial amount from one's earnings.Sleeping too much is bad for health and life both.

4. When you say, "I love you," mean it.
Oh.. hundred percent, I dont believe in lying in any sphere of life, I ask even my children not to give me cards where they promise me the moon, unless they can deliver:).

5. When you say, &…