Monday, August 30, 2010

My take on some movies...

Badmaash Company...I liked this movie main for its punchline..that if a person is intelligent and Sharp mind, then if he puts it in the right direction, then only he can lead a happy life...Otherwise he is doomed..sooner or later destiny will catch up with him..And then its quite entertaining also..Shahid as usual entertains and looks good, Anushka is Ok in acting, but lacks in looks.Veer and Chang are OK.Rest of the cast...Anupam kher..looks too old, Kiran Sippy and Pawan Malhotra just do their job.But all in all its entertaining.

My Name is Khan....This movie confirms that kajol is one of her kind, she just lights up the screen and I enjoyed those parts only where she is present, plus music is good.Why all retarded people are shown to walk with a stoop?

Well Done Abba:.very unique..with Hyderabdi back ground..this is a satire on our government, where even Babdis(ponds), can be stolen...this is a good movie and grows on you slowly..Boman Irani.everybody knows is good and so is Illa arun, But here Minisha Lamba and Sameer Dattani score .they are excellent and I liked Ravi with a message and an entertainer too.

Once Upon A time...Main thing I didnt like about this movie is that they have tried to show a criminal like a robinhood..this is not acceptable to most of the movie, they dont show that part of life from where these criminals get the money to do all these so called good deeds, and they dont show where they are hurting the country and its residents..I prefer the movies like Ab tak Chappan etc.
If one is so good at heart, then why be a criminal, why not be a common man and help the people.
.Ajay Devgan looks a  good don, this type of role suits hime well,but Kangna is looking fabulous, she is the highlight of this movie. Imraan Hashmi is his usual self, Prachi Desai seems to be clearly uncomfortable in this bold role..

Aisha:..Very light movie, and an entertainer, with designer settings and clothes.Abhay deol and Sonam Kapoor both look good.Loved this song..mithi mithi.Its about Sonam, who always tries to set the pairs by her own choice and parameters, but it doesnt happen in life that is natural and none knows where it may happen..and she learns it by her own love.
Saw many more...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tag from G and Hipgrandma

I was tagged by Hiphopgrandmom for seven unknown facts about me and kind of same thing by G and tag from g says.....

Here are the rules of the tag.
1) You have to tag 7 people.
2) You have to link their pages in your tag post
3) You have to leave a comment in their comments section telling them they've been tagged.
4) You have to say who tagged you.

I dont think till now there will be anything unknown about me to my friends, as i always write everything very frankly But still tag is a tag and to me its always a honour to do them  and so here I am:)
  1. I have joined the maximum no. of hobby classes like..shorthand,typing,dance,hawaain guitar, enterpreneural course etc..some I completed and some left midway:)
  2. I am all the time observing and analysing the beahviour of all the people.if he did so why did he do it? and all that crap:)
  3. Though i look a very strong person, but i have been  exploited by my all sometime or other, as I am a emotional fool.hopefully now I have learnt a lesson.
  4. I cant stand lies and I am not a very sweet talker too, rather I am a doer...I always show my love through my deeds, not my words.
  5. I feel very put off by the people who give all the importance in life to clothes jwellery and me life is beyond that too.....
  6. I work better under pressure....without it, I get complacent.
  7. If I am doing something, I want my helpers to be just that without any interference, but when I am working under someone, then I am a  very good assistant too, I just dont like crossing the boundaries in whatever you do.Be hundred percent in whatevr you do..leader or follower.
Now I would like to tag...
Shruti, Amrita,jayshree,Baldguy,Manju,Nisha and Deepa

Friday, August 20, 2010

Shall we judge?

Most of the time when I read  my blogger friends, I feel like saying so much in their comment section, but then I think instead of blocking their column, why not put your views on your own blog. So most of my posts are reactions..reaction to some news, reaction to other posts or someone's behaviour:)
As I was reading G, I realised that i have seen many people judging others on very trivial things...

If someone can speak English....he/ she is very intelligent ,way above in society and all that......But I have always disagreed because English is a language and it makes us multilingual to know it, and it has nothing to do with any other accomplishment.

Clothes...though it is said that clothes define a man, but i could say its only first impression, once you start knowing the person, clothes are immaterial...We dont care for anyone for the way he/she dresses, we love people for what they are inside.But many people give respect to dress also..initially without knowing the credentials if they see two people, they always veer towards the better dressed one.The same way as some have bias against complexion..a person should be fair to be called beautiful,  height ,features,qualities evrything may be damned....The person instantly scores certain points in his/her favour whereas a dark one has to do something to gain that..I find all that highly unfair attitudes.

Money..This is an all time gets immediate respect... a person may be corrupt, uncouth, debauched and dishonest but if he/she has money, he is respected and given that extra privileges.One more thing if a rich lady wears an artificial ring..people take it for real and praise it as such, on the other hand if not so rich wears a real one also, even then people it artificial? We always let the perceptions rule and neglect the facts.

I feel that only models and people in glamarous fields should be analysed for their clothes ,like TV people should for their looks, because thay are there for them.

But even god judges the people after they are dead, so who are we to judge? what do you think?

Sunday, August 15, 2010


yesterday i saw the movie..Paathshala, and I didnt start with any expectation, but found it a good, clean, simple fun, and they have raised a very valid all the parents want to give their children schools with all the facilities,and comfort, whereas schools are not five star hotels,they are not meant for comforts and indulgence,but they are a place to learn, and they shape your personality by hard labour and discipline. And the main emphasis should be on academics but what is happening is that to encash this psychology of parents, people are commercialising a noble profession, they are making glitzy colleges and schools and squeezing the parents with high fees and other things and making money for themselves..its no more a  noble profession but a business.

Earlier there used to be uniform, so that all look the same, today i see that they are creating a divide at a student level only..there are AC and Non AC rooms and different types of even mess for the people who can pay more.colleges are no more a temple of education. Earlier we had gurukul tradition.why? because their discipline and simple life made the children..strong in both, physically and mentally, ingrained in them the value of a disciplined life, simple living and high thoughts.But today we are teaching them that money is the most important thing. and then we complain that today's children are like this, like that....It is the parents who need to change their mindset.

I see so many parents cushioning their children to the extent that they are not able to face the nitty ,gritty of life..they are not doing a favour to their ward, rather making their future life difficult...because tough people always survive, as life is never a bed of roses even for people loaded.

There a few things children learn very early in life and thru parents only, so its the duty of parents to teach them value of hard work, discipline and to live with self respect, never to see the others and desire their luxury, living within their means, never ever enjoy the things parents cant afford, and live a life of dignity.

I have totally digressed from the has an ensemble cast of Shahid,Ayesha takia and Nana Patekar  and many children and one who used to play Wagle what is his name I am forgetting...the only problem is that they havent treated the subject very clearly, but it is a good attempt and worth a watch for a good idea.
I have seen many more movies, but about them next time.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Today is Teej,..first festival which heralds the season of festivals,this is  a festival of fun for women folk and I am missing my daughter and DIl..From my childhood, I used to get a new dress and new bangles and all of us sit together and apply henna on our hands on this day and then we will have get togethers, and enjoy the swing together.But the long working hours of women are making it difficult for them to  celebrate such festivals with full enthu...and I think with our generation, may be all traditional festivals will be gone and their place will be taken by valentines,Bdays,anniversaries etc.

Now is the time for freedom, freedom from family, freedom from everybody likes modern celebrations more than our traditional ones, because in these festivals we dont enjoy by eating out, rather it is considered inauspicious, if we dont cook anything in the house .Then most of the time everything is done in the morning and we eat only after pooja, so another restriction.Whereas everybody wants to do everything at his/her own leisure,.so they find it convenient to celebrate other days. more than our own festivals.
Today I see everyone wanting a family, but without any efforts and same for traditions...nothing comes has to do hard work for everything.

.But sometime some people have a family which makes one it really worth it?....there is this person, lets call him S, he always looked after his siblings and family all his life, and so did his wife, today when he is old , and recently he got a fracture, his own son is living abroad, and his brother living in the same city didnt offer him  even to take to his place and look after him for atleast 15 days, S and his wife managed themselves.I can never see this happening with siblings will come even from out of town to give me all the help I need.......apne apne sanskaar hain.......Life is not all about.I ME MYSELF.

Now about a good sis has a maid who is very poor, still she daily sends some food to mosque in the days of that is a good soul.

Happy teej and happy Ramjaan  !!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Everything Extra........

Today I was reading someone's blog where she had written how people give all stale and expired food to servants and it touched a chord somewhere in my heart. I have seen that in many families whatever small quantity of daals and veg is left after food is stored in the fridge. Then they will clean the fridge in a week and give it all to  servants, I feel why not give it when it is fresh?..So many people never think of their servants as human beings who have some self respect and dignity.....never serve them properly,we can serve multiple cups of tea to our relatives and even insist them to over eat, but when it comes to servants.....we will give them whatever is just not of any use,nevr give them properly even in a plate and katori...and think of themselves as great who are donating, but I never think of giving discard items as donation or even good deed..its rather opposite,....they are taking care of our garbage. Giving means what they want and need, not what we have in surplus.

Once I read somewhere that we can guess the nature of a person from the way he behaves with a waiter in restaurant, I think we should add it to how we behave with our employess .

In a country like ours where many people go to sleep without food least we can do is..... items shouldnt be only as much as you need or may be less,never more.
2..we must neither over eat ourselves, nor insist our guests to do the will be good for our health also.
3.try to give one meal to your what you eat,not somesthing substandard prepared for her...this is the best way of sharing.

I am trying to do all this..lets see......