Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I had booked for this place through SNAPDEAL in December, but that day it was raining to it was postponed. This weekend they took us there. This place is around 10 km from Pondichery. The beauty of Chunamber lies in having backwaters on one side and beach on the other. It is an island. We took a motor boat and reached there. They have lovely thatched huts there for relaxing and enjoying the waves in front of the beach.Even the rest rooms are also made in the same way.Tea coffee,chips,cold drinks and some rice was available for food.Its a beautiful place .
In our group most of the people were young software professionals. But when we were supplied packed breakfast, , all of them ate it and threw the plate outside on ECR road.and same for the lunch..they littered the place without any care..and the irony is that they were behaving as if they have reached some place in their arrived. I even told the manager from travel agency.GO world Holidays, that as a rule you must keep a big plastic bag and collect it in that and then drop it in a trash can. I was sad to see that all those young people were least bothered about environment.
Even on the island, people had thrown empty bottles, cans anywhere, very bad trend that people can walk miles for enjoyment but for civic cleaning, they dont like to stand or walk a step. leave everything wherever you are.... And then we say India is dirty..look at the foreign countries, the same people wouldnt dare to leave a paper anywhere abroad...I feel an instant dislike for people like this.
 While coming back we strolled at Pondichery beach.and saw a little bit of the city too, though i have seent the place earlier too. Anna salai there was so dirty, rather filthy, I was surprised that a place which gets so much of tourists and still no official bothers about cleaning. On the beach front we had an icecream in the restaurant.LeSoleil and the tables were looking like not cleaned for days.
In spite of that I enjoyed the place and would like to go there with my children or siblings:)


Tara said...

Very true ! We like to complain that our country is dirty but ends with that with no deeds !

~G said...

Totally off topic Renu, but I love your green neck-piece! Absolute WOW!

Jon said...

Indians are the worst tourist ever!! I have seen this kind of mindless littering in Munnar too...
Over the last decade, we have ended up with enough money for we see an increasing number of young ppl...and I guess there are many 'packages' to xploit that

Renu said...

Tara: the onus of bringing good things or bad even lies on the youth, and ewhen they are so callous, it hurts.

G: Thanks G!!.my dil gifted me last year on mother's day.

Jon:Due to the software and BPOs , our youth has lot of money in hand, but i hope the companies teach them a little etiquettes too.

Gouri Guha said...

So enjoyed your picnic:)
Wish there was more sense and sensibility in people and not throw litters all around...for whom do they leave behind all the rubbish?

Neena Sharma said...

I couldn't take my eyes off the photographs! India is amazing.For Indians the whole country is a "koodadan".

rama said...

Such a lovely post. Leaving aside the lack of civic sense in our country, I would rather like to comment on the beautiful pictures.
For a change I get to have a clear picture of you. And you are looking so nice and I too like your neck piece.
It is good to know you had a great time enjoying nature at its very best. I loved those cottages and the pink flowers creepers on the sand : they are simply beautiful, and you too making such a pretty picture all together.

Ani said...

u know its kind of sad that we indians dont wanna keep our country neat and clean.. but then when we travel other places around the world.. we follow the rules to the letter..

india is becoming very popular as a tourist destination.. but for that to continue.. we have to keep our country clean..

love the pics..

chitra said...

Seeing you for the first time. Nice pictures. Happy Pongal.

A said...


Wonderful picture. Really like the place.

Having lived in the USA for many years, I have learned to keep the streets clean. Whenever we go to India, none of us throw anything on street and make a point to tell to our relatives too. They do not like it initially but soon accept it.

Gayatri said...

Hi Renu, Such a beautiful place to be in. Beaches are my favorite but haven't enjoyed a single one in India because of the way they are maintained. They are dirty. You hit a cord when you mentioned about the civic sense of people in India. Shocked to hear that the younger generation was involved in all this.
Every time we visit India, this is one thing I have so much to talk about. Disgusted with this attitude. It just takes a very little discipline to hold on to ur trash and put it in a bin. Very easy to inculcate but, ur right..its missing in the youngsters..
actually, I also hold on to all the recyclables paper and tin and go to hassles to get them recycled. I wish the govt would do more to motivate youngsters in this direction like how it took up family planning and polio issues..put fines on people who litter.

sm said...

Indians do not fear anything to do in India who cares ?
nice pics.
Its great that you asked about the big bag.

Renu said...

Gauri Guha: really..I feel so frustrated when I see youth behaving like this.

Rama:Thank you Rama !.India has such lovely places, that with a little concern from authorities and public, we can also prosper theru tourism like abroad.

Ani: yeah its so irritating tosee that same people when go abroad, follow all the roules and then praise them.

Chitra: Thanks Chitra:) profile pic is also mine:).
Happy Pongal to you too !!

Gayatri: I try to do my little bit wherever I can, I fell sad when I see youngster striving forward to a future but without a concern for environment.

Sm: I get lot of direty stares from the people all around:) but I nevr hesitate.

Renu said...

A: the same young girl and boys whom I saqw littering, twhenevr they will go abroad, they will follow everything and then praise that country..thats what rankles me a lot..if some old people do it, its still not good but understandable, but young software people doing it is just too bad.

We must nevr hesitate to do anything for environment, whatevr our friends or relatives say to us:)

Shrutzz said...

Am hurt to hear about young couples / people not following the cleanliness rules. Am against it completely.
Seems like a lovely place...I want to gooooooooooooooooo

Amrita said...

this behavious esp from youngsters who have the privileges of lifes is very very pathetic. anyways, we cant evangelise everyone :(
good to hear that u enjoyed inspite of the minor inconveniences

Bikramjit said...

I have given so many tickets on loitering that now i make sure when i come to india i dont litter...

and i must say a lot of people i know back home AT least when i am with them they dont litter

I guess we jsut have to use common sense that when we litter we will someday come back to the SAME LITTER :)

anyway other than that you had fun which is important and the beack looks nice , I had visited pondicheery when i was in 9th class its beeeeeeeeeen so long


Sandhya said...

Nice pictures, Renu!

I never knew about this place until now. I have told my husband now. We might visit one day.

We Indians don't have discipline...throwing waste wherever we fell like and urinating on the roadside is our trademark.

Even in a cold place like London, we, Indians don't follow these. Sometimes I feel, they keep dustbins on the roadside everywhere and toilets are found in many places. I know I am looking for reasons for our behaviour, but this too could be a reason, isn't it?

I agree that basic cleanliness is near 'nil', here, with our people.

Renu said...

Shrutz:..even I felt is a beautiful place.

Amrita: we cant but I hope evryone realises his/her folly.

Bikram: Life would be a bliss if only people realise that everything they do comes back to them.

Sandhya: Indians listen only when are penalised, I have seent hat outside India they collect the garbage in a bag, if there is no dust bin, but here even if there is one, they dont just bother.

You must plan it sometimes, its a nice place.

dr.antony said...

Looks like the backwaters of Kerala.
We lack the civic sense at all levels.Our cleanliness is limited to sweeping own yards and throwing the garbage over the wall to the road.

Jayashree said...

Nice pics, Renu. Chunnambar is one of our favourite weekend getaways.

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