Sunday, January 9, 2011


This year I have been very late in posting my first post..and I when I had so much to post about:)..just the other day somebody was asking me about  some word from what we say in Hindi for some spiritual discourse, and I who pride myself for my Hindi couldnt remember immediately that it is Pravachan, and the same thing happens to English too and its making me feel worried that i am loosing my grip on everything.No more I am comfortable in any language.
Last week i saw two movies too...

BAND BAAJA BARAAT...Its about two young people who want to make it big in life and through hard work and planning, specially the girl, I liked that part where she was insistent that she wouldnt use unauthorised electricity in wedding arrangements.The couple start their wedding arrangement services and are successful thru their hard work, and then happens the same story where if a boy and girl work together, they fall in love and the second half is about how they sort it out.The movie is entertaining.Anushka Sharma is good and Ranveer singh is ok, but it lacks that polish we need to see, its like without any shine..may be we needed some more star, some star quality here and then it would have been superb.

DO DOONI CHAAR.....this is about a middle class family and their morals and daily travails. Here  they have shown how a teacher struggles in life and is always ridiculed by some but with his morals and integrity he can do wonders and then gets the respect too.Rishi kapoor and Neetu Singh make it watchable, otherwise thought the story point is good but lacks that chutzpah. Everything is so it the dresses of the main characters or their homes etc..Middle class people need not to be so boring and dowdy.Both these movies needed some shine, some good music and some added assembled cast..just a good story line cant make a good movie,it needs the accessories too.good dialogues,script and music and most of all actors.

BIG BOSS too ended, and this time it was quite fair too in the choice of everything that Shweta won, and Sameer Soni got the most stylish actor award, as last year we felt cheated when Vindu got the tag for being stylish and even he was the winner which he didnt deserve.and this time as a host Salman Khan was superb, he put the life into this show,He did much better than any earlier anchor, he had an spontanity and ready wit and he was always very just with his words and everything..he won many hearts thru this show.

Every year I make some resolutions, and so I have done this year too, but post it next time:)


Rachna said...

Actually, I loved both the movies you wrote about. Band Baaja Baarat and Do Dooni Char brought to life so much about Delhi beautifully -- the culture, the lingo, the typical way of living. I actually loved them for not going overboard and staying realistic. And, I really think that most middle class people are actually like this. And the only good thing about Bigg Boss was Salman. The man comes across as warm and spontaneous. I did not otherwise follow Bigg Boss.

Jon said...

U watch Big Boss..I never does so...but reads the masala news

And I have been forgetting people's name.Just imagine my plight...We were playing football and I was calling my mate, I was calling him every name in my memory except his.
Atlast I went to him and said, 'Sorry, I forgot ur name'.
May be its the mobile phones we use yaar

bhagyareema said...

Yaa out of the lot I think only Shweta deserved.
With our mixture of HIndi, english and regional languages we have lost our command over any language which is sad. But then I look at the college going generation and feel no, at least I am better off then them. :)

Sandhya said...

Thinking of watching band bajaaye niece has come and I am the only one who is interested in Hindi she has already asked me to take her to this movie. Will go in a couple of days.

I was not watching Bigg Boss but watched the final episode a bit. It is OK, that is all.

Renu said...

Rachna:..I liked both the movies, but i felt that such a unique story line could have been made into a super duper movie..dont know why but felt something missing.

Jon: I dont watch anything regularly but off and on everything:)
Even I see the person and know that I know him/her but cant remember any other detail, my hubby chides me a lot for this habit of mine..forgetting names:)

Bhagyareema: I know, but I feel sad when I cant rememebr the appropriate word:)..this is the result of nevr using any language in a pure way..everywhere mixing.

Sandhya: i am sure you will enjoy it..a simple movie....You are multilingual, so you have many options on TV:)

rama said...

Hi Renu,
I want to see these two movies, but like you I also feel there is something missing, although i have been feeling this without seeing it itself. Strange, but sometimes I just feel like that.
As for names and words I too get stuck pretty often, whereas my husband remembers everything quite well. It will come to me much later when it is of no use.
Well, will wait to know what is your new year resolution.
Also these Hindi movies are not as funny as the Tamil movies, and in Tamil although we have many middle class stories with no fan fare yet, the dialogues, the jokes, their particular slang everything is very entertaining.

chitra said...

Renu, Nice to see you post. was wondering about that. I have posted about your tag. Thanks for tagging me.

Bikramjit said...

yes Do dooni CHaar :) he heehhe I loved that movie , I dont watch much hindi movies but this one was nice one .. simple story and good one .. reminds me of my chidlhood days .. when dad was like that no over spending .. do this and that

and saw both rishi and neetu singh the Hit jodi after ages and she does look lovely still :)

havenot seen the other two..

and resolution ok waiting to hear them .. i dont make any as i cant keep them so why bother :)


A said...

I still have to watch BBB. I have watched DDC. i think it was good. I heard a lot about BBB so my expectations are high. I hope it is good.

dr.antony said...

Unfamiliar grounds.
Some idiotic actors like Akshaykumar and Salman Khan have successfully kept me away from Hindi movies.More than fun,it is torture to watch most of the Hindi movies.

Madhu said...

Happy new year to you Renu. I have some good news to share with you. Remember I was telling you that I was struggling to pass my driving test? Well, I passed :)! Just today.
Also, my physical therapy which was to last until Mar 2011 also ended last night. My doctor told me that my knee is healing well and that there is no point in continuing the therapy. I am so happy to be sharing this with you.

sm said...

havent seen both the movies and big boss i dont watch just listen about big boss in news.

Gayatri said...

Renu, Now I'll be watching these 2 movies when I get a chance. Thanks for the review. I always love movies for being 2 seater movies. One seat my my "Bheja" and the other for me. :-)

Anonymous said...

Haven't seen either of the movies nor The Big Boss...but just wanted to say a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU!!!!

Love what you write here!! Looking forward to more of your posts.

Renu said...

Rama:..couldnt pinpoint, but missed something.I would love to see tamil movies if they are subtitled, but sadly it is not there..some are dubbed, but dubbed ones I cant watch:).
I am happy to know that I have company in forgetting names:)

Chitra: I got busy, so couldnt post earlier and didnt see other blogs too.

Bikram:I see movies in any language(if they are subtitled)..movies and books are my main entertainment.
I found the main pair looking very dowdy,couldnt identify with them.I loved the people like Farukh shaikh, Deepti naval and shabana ajmi in simple movies like Saath saath, kisis se na kehna etc..even Vidhya sinha in choti si baat and Rajni gandha.

Madhu: Wish you too!!
And I am very happy to know the good news..both of them..driving .I feel is a necessity you are free to fly:)...and for your recovery too.

sm: what is your entertainment?

Dr. Antony: But I love Salman Khan..he is the best...everywhere there are good movies bad movies and it is the same with Hindi movies.still it is the biggest industry here, so they must be doing something liked by millions.

gayatri: yes Gayatri..some movies are meant for pure entertainment and brains are better if seated aside:)

Renu said...

A:..its good, you will like it..but could have been very good with little more:)

Nilu: thanks Nilu for your nice words:)
Wish you too a very happy new year!!!

Gouri Guha said...

Yes both the movies are enjoyable. I also enjoyed watching Big Boss and Shweta deserved to win. Samir's award was befitting. And Salman of course did a good job.

Renu said...

Gouri Guha:.looks like we have similar choices:)

Deeps said...

I loved Band baaja baarat! For me it captured the energy of Delhi every bit. Loved the dialogues esp, it made me miss my city even more.

Didnt like Do dooni chaar at all.

Big Boss, yes this time the choice was fair. My favorite was Sameer Soni though but Shweta was equally deserving.

Rhapsody B. said...


Language is challenging, its best to keep your hand in both because as it is said, "you don't use it, you will lose it."

Happy New Year.

Renu said...

Rhapsody B:..I am forgetting to say..namastey, and I feel sad at the invent of hello and hi....Hindi is my main language, but due to staying in south, I am forced to speak more of english...

Very big welcome here and hope to see you more often!!

wishing you too a very happy new year!!

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