Baby Pigeons

Baby Pigeons?

Have you ever wondered why you don't see baby pigeons?

Have you ever wondered why pigeons spend so much time walking
when they could be flying?

Some of US spend so much time walking when we could be flying.

This is why you don't see Baby pigeons -

First of all, unlike other birds, pigeons hide their nests.
When they emerged in Asia, pigeons were cliff-dwellers.  Now
they build their messy nests of sticks inside the guts of
bridges, or atop tall buildings, or on top of your air

Also, pigeons are very protective and babying parents.  They lay
only two eggs at a time, and spoil those babies shamefully.  By
the time they leave the nest, the babies are almost the same
size as their parents.

That's why you don't see baby pigeons.

The parents spoil the kids by keeping them sheltered and inside
away from the world until they are almost grown.

Is it any wonder why they fly as little as possible?
Think about that the next time you see a pigeon,
a big one walking.


Babli said…
Very beautiful and informative post.I was not aware of so many things about pigeons.
You are welcome at my new posts-
Amrita said…
Someones watching a lot of Discovery channel is it?
Bikramjit said…
You know in my garden i havea bird bath and there is this Pigeon its MASSIVE huge that comes and ALways LANDS on the nearer to house which is bricked.. then it walks crosses the lawn.. the pond to reach the bird bath then flap its wings to fly about 3 feet to perch on it and bathes in it ..

I have never understood why it does not land straight near to the bath. it walks all the way about 30-40 metres .. while all the other birds directly land there ..

Thanks for all that info ..

KParthasarathi said…
There is a loud message in this nice post Renu.Thanks.A sheltered child like a pigeon can only walk and not fly much
manjujoglekar said…
Interesting post, and yes, inspiring too! Something to think about certainly....
Sandhya said…
I never knew this! Interesting read, Renu, thank you!
sm said…
yes i saw the baby pigeon on top of Air condition.
description is right.

Last question is thoughtful
Sherlyn said…
Well I have never seen a baby pigeon , like you said it's next to impossible to see them because when they leave their nest they are almost as big as their parents.That's how nature is. But the hidden message you have tried to put across here is one which I'll always remember.Babying and being over protective only restricts kids from showing their true abilities and talents.To such parents let your child FLY!:)
Check this fun quiz -
Pushover Parent - Are you a pushover parent by nature?
Happy Kitten said…
Never knew this info before.. but I remember seeing only two eggs in a nest on the window sill of our apt.
They do look like a protected lot..
Arti said…
Very beautiful. The message it conveys is food for thought. I too have never seen baby pigeons, now I know the reason why...
Have a nice week ahead Renu:)
Renu said…

Amrita: not discovery..but I love to read inspirational things, so keep asking everyone to send me such mails:)

Bikram: Oh have a bird bath?its my lifetime dream to have a bird bath in my garden.

Are you coming to Chennai?

Kparthsaarthi:..Thats the message I liked.

Manju:and when are you going to update your blog, I am dying to read something...

Sandhya: Even i nevr thought of it..:)

sm: you did the impossible:)

Sherlyn:.going to chk the quiz, though my children have grown up now and I cant change anything:(

Happy Kitten: Pigeons are lot many specially in Chennai.

Arti:Thanks Arti!!
sumukh bansal said…
it is difficult to see baby pigeons because they don't fly much and there parents are habitual of making there nest inside the guts of
bridges, or atop tall buildings, or on top of your air
conditioner where we people go seldom... :)
just a joke...

impressive topic..
Sujatha Sathya said…
i never knew this! now i am wondering how come i never noticed not seeing a baby pigeon that too when there are so many near my house & yet this thought never crossed my mind.
thanks for sharing this info.
Renu said…
Sumukh: it may be a joke, but true too...AC is their favourite place:)

Sujatha:.even in our compound there are so many pigeons..
Reflections said…
U knw wht....I have pigeons in my balcony with eggs all the time. They are a big menace but I tolerate them for the kids who love to watch the eggs hatching into chicks, learning to fly, etc.

And its true....every word in the article is true. I used to wonder earlier but now it all makes sense;-D
SR said…
Amazing train of thought....seems like a comparison to India kids, especially boys who never ever want to leave their parents homes even after they grow up!! They are so protected by their mothers that they would never want to leave or do anything which involves thinking on their not saying everybody is that way but many are.....

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