Wednesday, November 30, 2011


when 2G scam people got bail, there was so much of media coverage and welcome..why? were they coming out after doing something extraordinary.or patriotic or it was some achievement?

Why papers brand two Bihari students nabbed..was there any necessity to write Bihari?..was the crime associated with their home town?

Why all the negative news and people are given front page and rest the last? why give publicity to bad people?

Why Neetu Chandra is a permanent feature in TOI page 3 everyday  ? is there any connection?..Now dont ask me who is that..thats what I wonder, because  she doesnt have much on her achievements list, still given all the space all the time.....

Why in any insurgent operation, media highlights that they were tracked because of informers?.why put them in danger?.and i thought informers were protected.


Bhagyashree said...

Now this post is so very close to my heart bcoz I write at random all the time :P
Our media thrives on negativity but the problem is negativity gives rise to negativity, just like children learn bad words very easily and 'good' words take a loong time to be grasped.

rama said...

Same here, really can't understand the present day politics or the role of media in that. At some point we wonder what is it that they are propagating.

Anonymous said...

Interesting thoughts....

Branding people. Yes, the newspapers do this all the time. Perhaps to create some controversy? Controversy makes for more "juicy" news reports!

I agree about the increasing negativity. Not good for a healthy society...

Anonymous said...

I was disgusted to the see Kanimozhi's picture with her husband in the front page of TOI - the picture where he was escorting her. These people are being given unnecessary footage.

I am with you on this branding thing..Labelling people is silly..these labels don't define us..But I've done tht myself..I'm trying to cut it down..

I had a pleasant conversation with Neetu Chandra about 2 yrs ago. I guess she was just starting out then..I'm glad I quit film journalism..

Rachna said...

Media just banks upon sensationalizing the news or no news.

radha said...

People want sensational news these days. Atleast that is what most newspapers feel... and so are the TV channels, how many of them report what is good news in terms of development in the headlines and breaking news? Those are pushed to the non-prime time and in the newspapers to the back pages.

KParthasarathi said...

A topical subject on which shri Markandeya Katju,Chairman of Press Council of India has recently said a lot.
Media is a powerful instrument that can shape opinions,good or bad.The media should exercise its power very responsibly with a sense of proportion for the well being of the country.No outside control should be imposed on it.It should be self regulatory to ensure full freedom of expression.As he summed up"The Indian media must now introspect and develop a sense of responsibility and maturity."

Bikramjit said...

:) they are all the same .. have you not seen how eac hpolitician is shouting hoarse on the slap episode .. and calling each other as respectful people :)

I seriously dont know who Neetu chandra is .. and TOI its the worst place I sue to read it regularly but the way it has deteriorated .. eac htime u click a AD pop up comes up ..

its all about money .. and MONEY is everything


Harman said...

...they belong to same BADMASH Company ..
similar kind in one platter..
Media is also one of them who banks on them..
everyone wants attention..
well Captured!

L KRUPAA said...

How true! mostly news of no substance grace the pages. I think it is time the media became more responsible.

Renu said...

Bhagyashree;..:).there is so much good also happening, but it nevr gets publicised.

rama; media has to be unbiased and in a way it must be the one to show the right way.but:(

Manju: media has become totally irresponsible and thrives on sensational only.

Swat: why re you glad that you left film journalism?..we need some good and genuine people there.

Rachna; True but sad..

Radha: thats what i feel..why not tell us about development, about ways to tackle problems and there is much more that can be done thru newspapers.

Kparthsarthi: these people always do lip service to everything..nothing more..

Bikram: the word respected..should be feeling insulted now:)

Neetu chandra is a totally non descript actor, but somebody there must be pleased with her ..I feel really sad to see the bankruptcy of TOI people..their all [publications have become a PR exercise of certain people only.

Harman:.yeah..they are of same they must support each other.

Lkrupa: I hope so too.

Rahul Bhatia said...

The newspapers sell on sensationalizing regardless of the value of the news! Unfortunately people also like to hear the bad things before any good news!

P.N. Subramanian said...

I tried to remain without Newspapers and TV for a fortnight. It was really blissful.

ashok said...

yes, these are thoughts that cross every sensible citizen...

Sujatha Sathya said...

true sometimes its hard to place things in the right perspective.
and media does its bit in trivializing some issues

Renu said...

Rahul Bhatia: Public has no choice,secondly media has a responsibility which they are not fulfilling.

P.N.Subramaniyam:may be I should do that:)

Ashok: true!

Sujatha sathya:media is always giving more importance to trivial things..

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