Just as i wrote in my last post about the mind set of people who think that English speaking and smartly dressed people get more respect, yesterday one of my friend told me a real incident..

He went to bank for some work and was sitting there when he saw a man, dark complexioned(another of our prejudices), dressed in dhoti could speak only Tamil,he had a draft for 5000/..and he needed money immediately for her daughter's delivery. But the clerk over there didnt help him instead he said that you deposit in your account and you will get it after 2 days. But that man needed money that day only, he had the urgent need, her daughter was in hospital, he said that bank could deduct some charge and give him the amount..but nobody in the bank listened to him and offered any solution.So this friend of mine called him and asked the details and then told the officer over there that they could always buy the draft..there is a provision in bank.but they gave excuses like..we have to see the reputation of customer and all he came in the form and asked them to chk the details..he was their customer for 8 years and none of his cheque had bounced so far..isnt it enough for a bank to help his  customer...whereas once a cheque they received for an IAS customer's account and there wasnt enough balance, but instead of bouncing it they called the person and cleared it..

So for them a person's financial status and appearance meant more than the dictum that customer is god and they must try to help the customer..

Of course in the end they gave him the money but only because of this friend of mine..

We need to change this mindset,everybody must help more to those who have less than those who have more..and a person must be respected for virtues not for possessions.


icyHighs said…
"Everybody must help more to those who have less than those who have more"

I think you've got the solution right there.
Bikramjit said…
I saw that so much when i visited india.. when i lived their I never noticed .. but yes it does matter who you know , and how much money you have .. etc etc

Found In Folsom said…
many things to learn from that incident..Often, people working in service sector tend to be like that. Many times I have seen incidents like that..I try to help out people fill forms, explain who to talk to, in all what I could do. Even while doing international travel, try to be very courteous to parents who are not educated or even though they are educated, they tend to be nervous of the journey. such small things make a big difference, Renu. Thank you for sharing
KParthasarathi said…
Very true but sad.The concept of genuine service irrespective of the status of customers is mostly missing.Luckily that man had your friend to assist him.How many offer such help?
SG said…
Same bank story all over the world. Here in California, a non English speaking Arab guy came to the bank to open an account for his son who was just admitted in the University. He was transferred from one person to another for 30 minutes. Finally, one bank clerk asked him the details of the type of account he wants to open for his son and how much he was going to make an initial deposit.

He said he wants to open a checking account for his son. He also said he wants to deposit $8 million for just 6 months for his son’s expenses. He asked the bank clerk if that is enough money to spend for 6 months.

The bank clerk fainted and called the Vice President. He came running over.
Noopur Kothari said…
We really need to change our self...
Thanks for your valuable visit there...

I agree. But we have a long way to go.

Happy New Year.
Renu said…
icyhighs: I wish everyone thinks about it and does it..

Bikram: Not only it matters, but sometime it only matters nothing else:(

Found in Folsom: even i try to do that, sometimes at the cost of being ridiculed by my children:) mummy sab jagah beech me ghus jaati hain:)

KParthsarthi: its very sad situation, that friend of mine is a gem in today's all spheres of life..

SG; That is a nice one..just like that wharton or Harvard story..

Nupur: I hope this generation brings the change..

Anupama K majumdar:welcome here!..
Shalom said…
It makes you wonder how many people must be facing such prejudices daily all over the country. Lucky for that man at least, that your friend was there to help him.
Renu said…
Shalom: Yes , so many people face problems only because of certain prejudices and wrong attitude in our service sector..
Rahul Aggarwal said…
in India, you are a DON if you have a network or money or if you are having good amount in your bank ...

people must change their mindset .. else it'll continue like this!
chitra said…
I wish people would be more sensitive and try to help a customer .A person who wants to cheat finds ways and means sometimes because of a few genuine people suffer..
Enigma said…
Most people in India have that kind of mindset. It's sad but people do suffer because of ill treatment they get from others. I'm just wondering what might have happened to that old man had your friend not been present there at the right moment. There are so many people like that old man whose pleas are left unattended. It's really sad. :(
Renu said…
Rahul Aggarwal: we certainly need to change our mindsets, and it will be best if our new generation starts it..

Chitra: here the main [problem is the apathy of bankers, if they really want to be customer friendly there are many ways to do it..

Enigma: I know, but i feel sad when I see that all those young people who say a lot, but do the opposite when the time comes..
sm said…
another perfect example which proves India is not democratic nation and we do not have equality among citizens.
It is happening all over not just India. it is the money that talks, it is the status that talks and sadly it will take a long time to change that.
rudraprayaga said…
All speak about equality,but affluence is considered more,is a bitter fact.Factual post
Jeevan said…
We need more friends like yours, to help others in absent of unchanged mindset or irresponsible attitude.
Renu said…
sm:But here system has not failed, its people's mindset.

Goingbeyondthepages.But we can start the change, I do so.

rudraprayaga: but young educated people can start a change.

Jeevan:yes..I hope there are many like him..
Ashwini C N said…
It happens in many places and people refuse to see through the real character of ppl beyond tailored suits.sad fact.
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