Thursday, January 10, 2013


It is about India, Indian people, their quirks, moralities, food everything. She has written and covered almost everything about our lives and since this book was written in 2008, situation has changed. She thought Mayawati and Hillary Clinton will be heads in their respective place but it didnt happen..She has hyped Vijay Mallya..look where is he now and same with Amar singh..India is changing at a higher speed than she could visualise.  The only thing that rankles me is that for the things she ridicules and in the same line she accepts that she also does the if evolved people will also not make effort to change then how will it be done.
But the book is written in a fluid way and very interesting to read, I wanted to quote many sentences here, but I think it would be better if you read it..
worth it, try it

ENGLISH AUGUST..Upmanyu Chatterjee
I am puzzled why some writers are hyped so much..heard a lot about this book and there was a movie too but its totally boring, secondly the protagonist has no redeeming qualities..He is an IAS officer, but has no honesty of thoughts or deeds, uses obscene language, smokes drugs, shirks from his job and duties and fantasises about his friend's mother and another friend's kid daughter...I abhor such people..
not worth trying even.

MISTRESS OF SPICES...Chitra BanerjeeDivakaruni
This book has been made into a movie also starring Aishwarya Rai, though i can imagine her as mistress of spices. I havent seen the movie, but book is superb. Its a fantasy of the writer that there  is this occult art where one can learn to speak to spices and be guided by them and help a lot to others thru them, but as is usual there are certain restrictions to lead that life and one cant deviate from that line.
very interesting book, worth a read.

TELL ME YOU DREAMS..Sydney Sheldon.
Very usual Sydney sheldon, but interesting...


rudraprayaga said...

Read the reviews.Reviewing the book is a good entity.

Sandhya said...

Everybody seem to recommend Divakaruni's books. I must start reading her books.

I used to read Sydney Sheldon's books continuously once upon a time. Hmmm...reading habit is nearly gone now!

Zephyr said...

English August was supposed to be autobiographical. And we all know how those turn out, don't we? I didn't like it much either and didn't watch the movie.

Knowing how our tastes seem to match, I am tempted to pick up Shobha De's book though :)

Tan said...

Tell me Your Dreams is a wonderful book. It is one of my favorite Sidney Sheldon books.

Need to read Mistress of Spices though :-)

KParthasarathi said...

You seem to be on a reading spree.
I liked your candid opinion about the books no matter the reputation of authors.Your review tempts me to read a couple of them.Thanks

Renu said...

rudraprayaga: Thanks:)

Sandhya: even I used to read Sydney Sheldon 20 yrs back, then started finding them nothing much..
So far Chitra bannerjee is getting to me..

Zephyr: all the more worse if it is we need to read about such people?
We jel because we are similar in tastes:)
Read this book from Shobha de.its worth it..though nothing new, but putting them to words is interesting.

Tan:I used to like that..if tomorrow comes..the best, I dont rememebr the name exactly..

KParthsarthi; You know that reading is my passion and now that i have got the facility..I am going all out..

sm said...

nice review
i have not seen the movie mistress of spices

sm said...

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strange.friendships said...

Good reviews...Candid opinion...

Renu said...

sm: i tried this link but TN is not there:(.


Rahul Bhatia said...

Good reviews of some interesting books Renu:)

Shalom said...

I read Tell Me Your Dreams at an impressionable age, and I still haven't forgotten it ... the ending still gives me goosebumps :)

Rahul Aggarwal said...

'mistress of spices' i know about the movie. i started watching it but was bored to death in first 30 minutes so left it then and there .. hope the book does not do the same what movie did ..

Renu said...

Rahul Bhatia: Thanks!

Shalom:..yes its scary to think..

Rahul aggarwal; I found the book very interesting:)

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